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Why My Grandma Stinks

Updated on February 2, 2015

"Why My Grandma Stinks" by Bogdan

My grandma stinks because she is old,

But this is not her fault!

It's the fault of the government that promises to give,

But instead it gives us no relive.

It pushes us to do things that we don't want to do,

And if we resist it throws at us the flu.

But nevertheless, it will help us out,

If we pay them or don't write about.

Oh lovable government how could we be without you,

We would probably have a point of view and something to live up to.

Now why don't you relax and turn on the TV,

And we might then probably agree, said the government to me.

Well as a matter of fact, I turned on the TV,

But every single time I only see shit to the highest degree.

Now let me ask you a question that will hunt your confession,

I'm no different to the man next me or my neighbor, no brighter in any sense,

But could you Oh lovable government put down the fence,

And open up to the people that for you are only worth a few cents?

Because if you add up the cents and look at the whole picture

Then you will see that you are not actually getting richer.

Do you like your Government?

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