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Why Not to Hire a Ghostwriter

Updated on September 19, 2015
A ghostwriter doesn't mean kicking back and taking it easy. Following every step of the project and keeping current tabs is important.
A ghostwriter doesn't mean kicking back and taking it easy. Following every step of the project and keeping current tabs is important.

How many writers actually use these services is unknown.

Hiring a ghostwriter is a scary job. Millions of writers experienced the hurt and pain of obtaining the wrong person for the job. The possibility of getting injured in the process is something countless people never see coming. Although there are more than a few individuals with a positive encounter, there remains a ton with the opposite experience. Several things listed here are helpful in increasing the chances of facing the latter rather than the former.

The positive encounters people go through are located in all sorts of posts and articles spread across the web. What about individuals with the opposite occurrence? These are folks who hardly spreading the good word. The negative process of getting the job done is avoidable with a strategy in place that works.

For more than a few reasons, stay away from ghostwriters. Find out why

Even some of the famous writers need ghost writers. Not to say John Sandford is one of them, but how would anyone know for sure?
Even some of the famous writers need ghost writers. Not to say John Sandford is one of them, but how would anyone know for sure? | Source
Even some children's books are written by a ghostwriter.
Even some children's books are written by a ghostwriter.

Some professions boast the most obvious reason for needing one is bringing professional know how and writing proficiency to the table. The truth is something to

Lacking experience

Most folks in the ghostwriting profession lack expertise in one area or another. When the project proposed falls under this umbrella, the entire endeavor is doomed.

A quality outcome is desired, but a lack of experience easily voids this out. For the most part, this is not obvious until the finished product is delivered. Depending on the contract, fluency in a specific field is a necessity of the employment opportunity.

Protect the assignment by wording a contract permitting the termination of the process in particular circumstances, like this example. Have a portion of the work delivered at regular intervals for personal approval. Consider other ways to keep the undertaking from falling through a crack due to a lack of experience.

Not up to date on editors and agent needs

The assignment includes possessing other professional skills outside of simply writing being up to date and current. Understanding what editors and agents are looking for comes with the territory of ghostwriting.

In order to push the plan of action toward fruition, ensure the new employee is familiar with everything well-known in the field. Along with understanding the editors and agents actions and responsibilities, an intimacy in the field of focus leads to a winning combination.

Not published

Beware of the ghostwriter who boasts publishing excessive amounts of material perfect for the job at hand. Remember, whatever found written is formed using another writer’s name. Previous employers of the same services are the author on the byline for former works of ghostwriting. Verification of anything is questionable at best.

Attempt to remain optimistic in all circumstances, but it is always possible the truth is stretched or even crafted from lies. The ultimate betrayal is with a novice who doesn’t admit to the fact. This doesn’t mean working with one is a bad thing. A few in particular are even better than veterans.

Ask for an example of work or works published under their personal byline. Look over the work and make a decision based on this sample. Examples of proficiency and skill are discovered in these instances.

Writing an autobiography is part of learning how to ghost write. Find out more from Amazon

Outsourcing even happens here.

Clash of personalities

A positive relationship is constructive and keeps the endeavor upbeat through the long run. It is helpful and promotes honesty. Respect constructive criticism when given and linked to an idea. This goes both ways to work well. Handle giving it and receiving it with good manners.

Being rude or derogatory is never helpful. Displaying an impertinent nature or degree of cheekiness is a sure way to poison the task. An appreciation for the strengths each brings to the table increases with time when a combination is a good one.

A connection on a personal level is necessary. A personal one is ideal. A collaboration of like minds is needed on the job to make it happen with ease. An undertaking with both parties working together as one is more likely to succeed than to fail.

Not keeping a secret

One of the biggest needs or wants for a writer is locating someone able to keep author info in secrecy. The client does not need the worker to reveal this to anyone. Secrecy of the content writer is part of the point of getting a ghostwriter in nearly all circumstances.

Not disclosing this is extremely important. Letting the cat out of the bag is not an option in this professional relationship.

Outsourcing without consent

Outsourcing is done in a number of freelance writing jobs, this also includes ghostwriting. For the most part employing a person for this comes with the expectation they will personally perform it. However, countless people engage in outsourcing without a client’s knowledge.

There are negative consequences in moving the work from who is believed to be doing the work to another person. This is why a person vetting is characteristically performed. Outsourcing makes clients uncomfortable.

Design a strategy to protect the assignment from harm. Whether this is done in the advertisement for a ghostwriter or at contract time takes care of the issue.

No set industry fees

Individuals working in the field understand there are no set industry fees or standards. This happens for a number of reasons. The most important is each task is unique. Some freelance ghostwriting jobs entail producing a speech while others are crafting a 3000 word book. Expertise and experience also play a role. No reasonable person pays the same for both. No responsible writer would accept identical payment for both.

A combined effort with an employee and employer generally creates a consensus on how much payment is adequate. How to make this compensation it is important as well.

Assure a positive outcome and victory in the marketplace with a quality piece of work by using common sense. If something doesn’t feel quite right, it typically isn’t.

Sign a contract to protect both parties. Signing with the right person for the task is the key to a great strategy for success.

Have a written contract

This is an overlooked item on the check list for most projects despite being one of the more important ones. Assure the list of things to do includes taking care of a written contract for each project.

What type of material is being produced certainly affects what items are included. Some are standard no matter what. Payment is always mentioned. How does it get to the worker along with how much to reimburse are both explicitly outlined. Give detail to the small things. If a request or review of the job is needed periodically, decide when it occurs and specify it out in this document.

It is helpful to make a general contract and tweak to work for a certain circumstance as needed.

In conclusion

The plan as a writer is never get caught with your pants down. Do everything possible to make certain this doesn’t happen with every job at hand. Although impossible to guess every pitfall, following even a handful of these tips is a good plan of action when a ghostwriter is needed.

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    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 2 years ago from Sunny Florida

      @smcopywrite there are more reasons to not hire a ghostwriter than to hire one. I would rather write it myself. Very interesting hub.