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Why Paulo Coelho is an Over-Rated Writer?

Updated on July 4, 2017

The world of literature is big enough to welcome everyone that feels like being able to put two sentences together. It is an universe in itself, that does not really care about the one we are living on. Said that, if you wish to write something, you have to write something new.

"You enter in a conversation with all the writers that have been before, and those who write now-days, so you have to add something new to the conversation."

Today I am discussing Paulo Coelho’s ability to keep up the heat of this conversation. If I hit Google Search with the name ‘Paulo’, it immediately suggests ‘Paulo Coelho’. Then I go on, because I want to nourish this writing with a little biography.

Paulo was born on August 24, 1947, at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Wikipedia lists his occupations by mentioning that of a novelist, lyricist and musician. For 4 years from 1982 to 1986 he tried his hand on writing, and published 3 books who had from little to no impact at all to our society. Then on 1986 he hits our book shelves with his most famous bestseller book Alchemist.

I have read ‘The Alchemist’, and may I say, while I find the philosophy quite interesting and useful, the book is boring. I can understand that quotes like:

“If you want something, the whole universe conspires for you to achieve it.” ,

may make a book desirable, even a bestseller! Well, people are pretty romantic these days, and very naive too. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, and you can not judge it either by a phrase or two!

You can read the whole biography on Wikipedia though, so I am writing about his other books. The reason I first started to read Paulo was because, yeah, he is well-ranked in the libraries of the entire literature universe. He is a bestseller writer, so I had to read him. I first got my hands on ‘11 minutes’, a short novel which I took from a friend of mine. I loved that book! It is a little red book, so it is not suited for all ages, but I loved it! The scenes are described wholeheartedly, and Paulo manages to give a special meaning and place to love. That kind of love called ‘agape’, the greatest kind of love, for which the whole world desperately hopes.

Then I had to read ‘The Alchemist’ of course. Who loves an author’s book and does not read all of the rest? [I can think of few in fact, but that is another matter]. I read ‘The Alchemist’, and I was not satisfied. But yet, I did not give up.

I bought:

Warrior of the light: A Manual

The Pilgrimage

Veronica decides to die

By the River Piedra I sat down and wept

The Zahir

The Fifth Mountain

The Devil and Miss Prym

The Winner stands alone

Quite a list and I stopped there. I confess I loved the story of ‘The winner stands alone’, and somehow ‘The Zahir’ caught my attention and approval.

That’s all though. I got bored.

Why when I loved 3 of his books?

Well, I read 7 others of P.Coelho 'bestseller' books, didn't I?

There is a belief, that I believe to be very true, that for some writers there is only one big blast, and if they are smart enough to know, they should quietly withdraw and spent their energy on something else. For some others may be 2–3 bestseller books, and then their time comes too. Then, there are those writers who never quit, because they do not get it, and the worst is: they are never good enough, they never go big.

Why did Paulo Coelho go big?

As I mentioned before, it is the philosophy that attracted the readers, not the story itself. The same philosophy is in every single book of Mr. Coelho, every single one of them. Paulo is the writer that does not get it, that hits the keyboard in vain, playing the same old music, re-writing the same old quotes, becoming boring. Not smart enough, not at all.

If you'd like to absorb the full philosophy of Paulo Coelho, without the obligation to read all of his books, then "The Secret" is the book for you!

"The Secret" has the same philosophy in it as Paulo Coelho books, but the thing is that in the book, by R.Byrne, the law of attraction is explained and there are given concrete examples on how you can manifest it and attract anything you want to.

How does the Law work for me? Have I tried? Does it work at all?

Once I finished the book, I became fully aware of my capacity and my ability to change my life, my ability to control what I get and how much I get. I also tried to remember events when I wished for something, I behaved like I already had it, and in matter of days I got it!

I am not revealing everything from the book, because I respect the author’s rights, Rhonda, who put much effort in the book, and in the movie. The Secret claims to bring you peace if you are not very concerned into wars, it brings you money if you don’t concentrate much in their loss, it brings your health if you do believe you are healthy. There are real stories, of real people, who knew the Law and used it. I wish you enjoy the book, or the movie, or any other information you choose to read, and I will close this short post on Law of Attraction, by rewriting what the book says in the end: It does not matter if you do not believe these stories, or the existence of this Law. That is the way you live your life, that is the way you approach things in your life, and whatever you choose to do, do it, because it is your life, and you are meant to do it. Do not rely upon others wishes for you, and in the same time, do not make others move the way you do. Live and let others live.

© 2017 Enchel


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    • satomko profile image

      Seth Tomko 

      18 months ago from Macon, GA

      I was also not impressed by The Alchemist either as a novel or a piece of philosophical reflection.

    • RachaelLefler profile image

      Rachael Lefler 

      18 months ago from Illinois

      I think things like "The Secret" inadvertently run into the problem of then explaining poverty and misery. Did all those poor people in Africa, India, and Asia dying of preventable illnesses just not think happy enough thoughts? Why does the universe not conspire for them when it conspires to give people who are already wealthy things that they want? It's basically the prosperity gospel or Calvinism (further reading: put in non-Christian terms for a worldly audience. They say "universe" instead of "God" and people think it's something new and more real? Bupkis.


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