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Why Say No When You Can Say Yes

Updated on September 24, 2014

The Littlest Things Mean So Much

Our world is a funny and a strange place

With so many billions of people you would think you could get at least one million to take your view

Is that asking for too much

Apparently everyone thinks so

Except me

I wake up positive and not because of any foreign substance

Meaning drugs or alcohol

Matter of fact by any other artificial means

I don't need a Monster or a Red Bull to keep me flying

I don't even drink coffee

I stay away from soda

No cigarettes to smoke

No addictions that I can think about

Except high on life

That's a big one

Now I am not saying those who love these things are wrong

I wish them well and it's not for me

This is not my cup of tea

I live and push through my day and like anyone else when I reach my limit

I crash and sometimes I crash hard


Wiped out

Totally drained

I know you probably haven't heard this before

I really think it's a good thing

Because when I go to sleep at night and wake up the next day

For a little while I forget where I am and who I am

I start with a clean slate

Then as I come to my senses

Things come trickling back

As if these things could talk they say... there you are

We found you

Did you miss us ?

Of course I know you did

That's my mind talking not me

Now back in the real world

I have come across a book called How to Change the World by David Bornstein

Know one has ever told me about such a book

These thoughts have been in the back of my mind for years

Now to see someone not only put it in print but do it in 2007

I am excited, shocked, amazed and thrilled for starters

Now reality sets in and now I am mad

Why haven't more people shared this concept ?

Maybe they have and I just didn't see it

Then to top it all off I try to share my excitement with my coworkers

They act as if no big deal

Nothing special

What else is new

I could care less

Let's get to work

The same attitudes persist within minutes

I don't want to be here

I want to go home

Another day S.O.S.

Now I am really upset

Nobody seems to get it

They act as if this is only another book

Someone even said I don't read

Now I am beside myself

Here I am so pumped up on top of the world

Everyone managers included except for one

Care only about themselves

Not about solving the worlds problems

Not about living the good life

What a downer

I was so confused with all the thoughts I was thinking

I couldn't even write

I had brain freeze

So I decided to trick myself out of my present sad state of mind

Pretending I was not me but a writer and had to do a review on the book

I couldn't be biased in any way so I had to keep my feelings separate

Now I can take me out of the picture

So I picked up the same book

With caution

Wondering what the book might be missing ?

Such a big subject and so many thoughts to consider

It is a seven year old book

I wonder if other reprints or updated books have been in print since then

If not why ?

Who else has read this book and what do they think ?

So immediately I went on Google and started my search

About the author

I went on Good Reads to see what other readers had to say

This takes time and energy

Luckily I am off today

Even though I have a list of normal things to do

I am going to spend at least the first few hours researching

I need your help ?

To often I jump of what I think is the best thing since sliced bread

That after a talking to a few family and friends

I am like this helium balloon ready to take flight

I can't wait

Nothing stopping me now

I can soar into the heavens

A dream come true

This is what I have been waiting for all my life

Then within a few hours

Everyone around me

Family and friends included

I slowly lose a little air

Now I haven't even been released

I become unsure

A little more air is released

I don't look so good

The wind starts to pick up

Maybe today isn't the best day after all

As doubt shows it's ugly head

Now I begin to second guess myself

I think tomorrow would be a better day

I notice there is a mark on the balloon

It could be a defect

When the balloon reaches a higher height it might pop

As the air slowly escapes through a power of the unknown

There is no since releasing the balloon

Because it is totally out of air

So to avoid any confusion

I am throwing every previous thought out the window

I am keeping my chin up and expect great things to come my way

I have just stated to formulate new thoughts

I would love some outside help

Have you read this book ?

What do you think of the author ?

If you could also do a book reivew

More the merrier I say

I need a team of people who want to begin where the book might leave off

High hopes and a lot of work to be done

Is anyone interested ?

There are a list of contacts at the back of the book

I am going to start there

If anyone has any questions I will try to answer them the best I can

At this point I think I have started my own list of questions a page long

Well I have to break away and my home needs some cleaning

Laundry and the dishes have to be done

Lunch doesn't make itself you know

My wife is doing the food shopping and getting our serviced

So once again she relieves half the burden

So I can sit at home and type this

To all you hubbers out there can I borrow ten minutes of your time

This is the biggest thing I have read

I am trying to act on it

With a little help from everyone

We can take a small simple thought and make it so much more

Something we all can take part in and adore


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