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Why Stars Never Really Die.

Updated on December 14, 2009

Why stars never really die.


We trap their spirits
in books, records,

celluloid, DVD's
Cd's and videos,
and replay

their moments

over and over,
in a hypnotic
trance like effect
that calls them forth
to haunt us
as we peruse
what they left behind.

They cannot rest
as long as we worship
what they were,

in the beams of

light and sound

bouncing in

waves ever outward

past the stars

from our planet

where thye've gone.

Their spirits find
the longing to
return is strong,
when we tease them from
the mouldering dust
of their bones,
and so they linger
in our minds
whispering what
they once held dear
in our goose pimpled ears.




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