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Why The Embers Faded?

Updated on May 7, 2011

Everyone I know, has an ever burning ember in them. A thought process which goes on and never stops. Why does it always happen with me? Why am I the only one, so lonely in this world? Why?

Vibhor Kashyap, a friend, has written this poem. And this is one of his poems which I wanted to share with fellow hubbers. So here it goes,

The lights dimmed in a squeak,

as the curtain hid what lay beyond.

Hopelessness of the dark emanated all over...

and then,

in the mirror of blackness, she remembered...

‘twas a night quite like this...

As the embers of sun faded,

he held her breath, momentarily.

Her touch was on his.

He fondled her dark hair, and she,

she stroked his arm,

her name emblazoned in blood.

The passion outlived darkness.

A promise had been born.

‘twas a night quite like this...

when those evil stars outfought Sun

and the cold sea sung of the hidden hollows.

As he drove down to her,

the blinding light met his face,

shards of glass flew into him.

When the light passed, pain was,

not the last thing to leave his body,

‘twas the thought of her.

On this night, quite like that,

when darkness engulfed all,

she included.

She stared at the blank wall,

daring it to give him back.

His haughty texture still made

her writhe with pain, yet immeasurable.

Yes, a Sun will come up in a few hours...

but each of these, millennia of darkness,

would slowly take away,

all forms of life; of her.


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