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Why The Shell of Tortoise Looks Shattered

Updated on December 6, 2015

The Kingdom

There was once a time, in the animal kingdom, when all animals were united; they did things together in one accord; the strong protected the weak, neither did the big bully the small, and they were all their brother’s keepers. The ruler of the animal kingdom, who was known as the king, was the lion. In the kingdom, at that time, no animal preyed on another animal. The entire animals contributed to the development of the kingdom according to their capabilities. Even with that, there was no superior or inferior animal: all animals were equal.

Friend of Friends

The kingdom served as a good example which other kingdoms emulated. All animals were supportive to one another; they were all friends. Any visitor from other kingdom that came to visit a friend in that kingdom did experience hospitable welcome. Any friend from other kingdom, who came to visit, automatically became friend to other animals in the kingdom. That was the trend in the kingdom then.

End of Happy Time

The kingdom was not exempted from the saying that what has beginning must surely have an end. Although the entire has been united from time immemorial, but now the corporation ended as a result of drought. The drought was so serious that it resulted into famine. All their food reserve got exhausted. Every animal now struggled for themselves.

Beginning of starvation

During that period of famine, there was a very serious starvation. The entire animals fed on dry leaves, wood and anything edible until everything was consumed, and there was no more to feed on.

The proffered solution

The king of animal kingdom summoned a meet of each and every animal representative. The outcome of the meeting, after a serious deliberation, was that all animals should submit their mothers; that each animal’s mother will be killed to feed other animal day by day till the end of the drought. The idea was objected by spider who later suggested that a feast should be hosted by each animal daily, and whoever’s turn it is to host on a particular day would prepare his mother as meal for other animals to feed. That was unanimously agreed on. The lion, who was the king of the kingdom, was the first to sacrifice his mother and others followed suit.

Spider and his mother

The spider was not pleased with the resolution of the meeting; because he loves his mother, and he did not want to sacrifice her. He then took his mother to the sky. He made a web and kept her there. While other animals were slaughtering their mothers to host a feast, the spider kept his own mother in the sky where other animal would never get to find out. Whenever he attended a feast, he would keep his own share of the feast hoster’s mother’s body. This was what he did till it got to his own turn. When it got to his turn to host a feast, he brought out the share apportioned to him all the while. He cooked and served it to the guest. The animals were all surprised to get more share than they expected. Meanwhile spider mother sought for food in the sky and prepare it for his son whenever he came to visit. This made spider to look healthy while the other animal were getting thin and ill due to starvation.

Spider secret

During that time the most intimate friend to spider is the tortoise. One day, the tortoise visited spider at his home. He pestered the spider to tell him the secret behind his healthy look. As a very intimate friend, spider told him about his secret: how he took his mother to the sky, and how his mother has been feeding him. He even took tortoise to the sky to visit his mother, and that day tortoise ate and was filled to stupor.

Exposure of Secret

Tortoise, who was not happy because spider did not surrender his mother, reported the case to the king. The king did not believe. He then told tortoise to take him to the sky were spider kept his mother. Tortoise took the king together with some other animals to the place where the spider web would be climbed to the sky. He told the king he would prove to him that he was telling him the truth by climbing first. Then he started climbing.

The fall of tortoise

While tortoise was climbing, spider’s mother was watching him from the sky. She allowed him to get to the middle of the web and then released the web from the hanging point. When the web was released, tortoise fell to the ground and his shell became shattered into pieces as he fell on the ground. It was later assembled with the help of other animals present, but the cracks were still there. This is why till today, the shell of tortoise looks cracked.


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