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4 Reasons Why You Should Stay Away From Racists

Updated on February 19, 2017

Racists can be your typical sociopath or psychopath. They can be that person who needs to live for something, and this is the lifestyle they have chosen.

Most racists have delusional problems and do not even recognize it. Most racists ARE crazy, and do not know how.

This mini-article serves an important purpose, which is, why you should avoid racists.


1. It Is Dangerous

People today have changed. Granted, a lot of racism still exists. However, a lot of it has disappeared and you come across the multi-racial family.

A racist person that has done something or said something to a person that is from a different cultural family may attract some serious harm today.

People take the security of their family very seriously, and being around a racist person that has done something to someone's family member is dangerous.

The first choice for retaliation is almost never legal. It can be in the form of a bottle thrown at someone's head.

It can be in the form of a brick blastIng through a window or a brick thrown into someone's spine. It can be in the form of several people beating that person up in the streets.

Overall, you do not need to be standing around this person when a retaliation of any kind happens.

You do not need to be visiting when someone runs up on the yard and starts swinging a baseball bat or something else.

Overall, it is dangerous to be around or associated with a racist.


2. Delusional and Crazy

The concept of racism comes from someone who thinks that they should be superior to other people. The concept also comes from hatred and outright evil.

Their bigot mentality that can only be compared to the status of a god. One race or culture, trying to make themselves the top race. One race telling another race to convert to certain ways or ideals, or if not, then be confined to being a slave or subordinate.

This is delusional. There is no way on earth the world's people will give their cultures away for someone else's.

It is as if the people that embrace this bigot ideology has embodied their own devil of the world, and are trying to become the people that are supposed to take the world from the actual devil.

This is dangerous, but it is also delusional. The concept that there can be a one-race world is preached by all racist people.

Hating, being afraid, be worried, being sad, feeling any desperation like running, vomiting, going on a shooting rampage, or any other destructive emotion because a person's skin color or culture is different from yours, is just crazy. You can be classified as delusional based on the rationale you make for this inside your head.

Overall, stay away from racists because you do not need to be pushed or encouraged to embrace their delusions and craziness. It is will only cause harm.


3. Ignorance Fosters Stupidity

Racism is stupid. It is always stupid to embrace hatred. Hatred will make you self-destruct and take your loved ones with you.

You can end up doing stupid things in regards to other races out of anger, fear, or whatever, and cause serious trouble. The bigot shares their racism, which can hinder a person from expanding their knowledge and growing. They promote ideas that make it seem that their race is actually going to rule the world one day.

These people have no concept of human anatomy and melanin. They have no idea that their decisions to treat a person different can underestimate the person or give them some kind of advantage.

They have no concept that culture is race. They have no capacity for self-reflection, which means in time they will not grow in wisdom and knowledge.

They don't have this because they have closed out the world because it is not the way they want it to be.

They promote bigotry as if there is no consequence.

They promote hatred as if hate is a great thing to try to live with.

They promote racism despite situations in which someone can use a sling shot to give you a concussion as you stand in the crowd listening to their hate-filled opinions.

They foster stupidity, and with all the competition in the world, stupidity is something you do not want to embrace in this day and age.


4. Waste of Your Life

It wastes time.

Trying to rule over people in any way wastes time in your own life.

Why not use your strategies to end hunger, end poverty, end Cancer, and AIDS/HIV. Help everyone achieve the American Dream so that crime and health issues disappears.

But no, apparently some people want to help some one person try to rule the world. And all that you are doing, is trying to help some one person rule over you and as many people they can.

This person has a dream of having ruling power over someone or a body of people, even you, and this is how they try to justify racism and discrimination by picking out the bad things about a race or culture.

We have seen this before. Hitler remains the biggest example.

You could be getting laid, laying in a great beach, skiing, relaxing, being massaged, traveling, eating great foods, listening to excellent music, and all around having a great life.

But no, some of you are walking around with bottled up hatred about something that somebody said happened, and trying to help them justify hate quite-possibly under the radar of the FBI because of The Terrorist Act, and facing all kinds of personal and public backlash even from your own race.


Last Note

We have racists everywhere today.

We have protests in this country because of the discriminatory ways to handle a situation because of culture or skin color. And on top of this we have wage, job, food, health and lifestyle inequalities that can ruin this country.

Almost everyone is struggling to achieve the simple American Dream just for the satisfaction and peace it can gain.

Having said that, racism poses a threat by the racist and by the backlash it can cause from the public.

It is a dangerous, crazy, delusional, stupid, and wasteful thing to embrace, because in its selfishness, the ultimate goal is to harm others.


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