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Why Writing Articles That Include Keyword Research Is A Good Idea

Updated on February 1, 2014

I’ve decided to focus solely on creating articles that include keyword research. So, instead of doing what most people do - writing an article and then coming up with keywords.. well, I will be doing opposite. I will be finding various keywords and then writing about those topics.

What’s the advantage of finding keywords? It will allow me to make money quickly. I’ve hired five different people on Fiverr for keyword research to see who has the best gig. And by best - I mean quality. I’m looking for keywords with at least 1,000 searches per month, $1 CPC and under 50k competition which is low. Actually, let me create a table for this so you all can see.

Keyword Research Requirements

Monthly Searches
Competition (pages in G)
CPC (Cost per click)
Highest PR of sites in top 10
Long tailed (Over 3 words)
1,000 +
Under 20k
Up to 2
4 words
500 +
Under 50k
Up to 3
3 words

The first column demonstrates the best possibility for keyword research results. That is the column I am aiming for. However, I could find a keyword that gets 500 searches per month and the CPC is $5. On top of that, it is a long tailed keyword of 5 words. Although this keyword would normally be placed in the second column because it doesn’t get many searches, it is still as profitable as keywords in the first column. The two factors that I explained is what makes up for the lack of traffic.

Keyword Research Poll

How many of you know what keyword research is?

See results

Outsourcing keyword research to Fiverr

Okay, so I have a full time job working graveyard shift so without my 5 Hour Energy (which by the way, I only take 2 times a week) I am tired throughout most of the day. This calls for some serious outsourcing for my keyword research. What’s the benefits of resourcing for me?

  • I am able to go to the gym from 6:30am-8:00am

  • I can work on other projects at home

  • Have time to cook / clean

  • Have time to spend with the family

  • Get my 5 hour sleep starting at 2pm until 7pm. Shift starts at 10pm.

You see, outsourcing can definitely save time and money. I particularly like using Fiverr because you know the exact deadline for a project. They have a count down clock that can be quite useful, especially if I need work done by a certain date. I’ve hired before using Blackhat forum and a gentleman told me one of my projects would be finished within 3 days but I needed to pay him upfront first. The problem with this is that I’ve been burnt before because of the “No Refund for tangible items” in Paypal, meaning that they don’t cover refunds for digital goods or services. It took the guy two weeks to even give me an update and after all of that, he updated me that the work could not be done. I wish he had told me sooner and I had to request a refund which thankfully, he did honor.

Fiverr Refund Policy

So, what is the Fiverr refund policy? Well, simply put - if you don’t like a service or it wasn’t completed, you can request a refund. Basically the funds go back to your Fiverr account instead of your Paypal account. There are some people who complain about the money not going to their Paypal but if you look at this, it would hurt Fiverr. Paypal would obviously see a pattern of constant refunds requested and could close their account because of this.

No need to worry though because out of the 85 gigs I’ve ordered so far, I’ve only needed 4 refunds. The first time was because I placed a bulk order and the seller only delivered two out of ten of my projects. I was a bit concerned because since two were already delivered, the gig was marked as completed which in reality, wasn’t complete. I decided to post on the forums to see what I could do since the seller had not replied in a few days.

Luckily, the resolution center in Fiverr is what saved me. After stating the obvious, my funds were released back into my Fiverr account. While the seller did do a good job on the first 2 gigs, I still wanted to leave him a good review despite not being able to finish the work. He eventually did get back to me and apologized. I realize things come up in life…

Fiverr Automatic Negative Reviews

You need to be very careful about cancelling an order due to miscommunication or because of a missed deadline. Suppose the seller needs one more day to complete your order. While most sellers are good with meeting deadlines, there will be times that you your work needs an extra day. Always message the seller before cancelling. Because if you cancel, the money goes back into your account but the seller automatically receives a negative review saying “cancelled order. seller failed to deliver on time!”

Anyways, enough of that. Somehow I moved on from Keyword Research to Fiverr, lol. Ohwell.

The next update tomorrow & my TO DO List

So, what are my plans? Tomorrow my four gigs should be completed for the keyword research. Once that is finished, I will go ahead and outsource article writing. Remember that I am doing this for Hubpages. Here is a list of things I plan on doing tomorrow:

  • Organizing keyword lists by best keywords and LSI keywords
  • Ordering quality articles from my favorite writer (On the WarriorForum)

I’ll give you all a little sneak peak on the gigs tomorrow to show how they went.


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    • webdesignsbyapw profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Petaluma, CA

      Thanks Lori. Fiverr is definitely good for outsourcing.. and the book trailer looks totally awesome. Can't believe they offer such quality at a low price.. Love the special effects and music!

    • Lori P. profile image

      Lori Phillips 

      4 years ago from Southern California USA

      I have had good experiences with Fivrr. Check out this COOL book trailer someone did for me that I posted on Youtube:

      But you can use Google Keyword tool to do your own research, and it's as easy as typing in a few words.


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