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Why You Are Unable To Publish Your Ideas- Why You Sometimes Lack The Confidence To Publish Your Ideas

Updated on December 26, 2013

Lacking confidence in yourself

Sometimes the problem of not being able to publish your ideas does not have to do with the content itself but yourself. Some people do not have confidence in themselves naturally. This lack of confidence in some writer’s originates from some of these factors elaborated below.

Afraid of your own capabilities- You fear the greatness within

You are simply afraid of yourself and what you are capable of doing. Your own capabilities. You are simply too great to come out of yourself.

Not accepting yourself and greatness

Sometimes you cannot publish because you are simply not accepting yourself and the greatness in you.

You feel So different from others or your readers

One of the reasons why you cannot publish your ideas is that you feel so different from others. You wrongly therefore perceive your reading audience to be different from you that they may not even accept you. Moreover, you feel too unique that you fear you are your philosophies might not be accepted or people will not share your opinions. This makes you secretive to the point that you may not be able to share your ideas with others because you fear exposing your thoughts to others.

Know that you are just like your readers. You think the same way they think and sharing your views only confirms their thoughts.

You should understand that you are simply trying to express your opinions and not really trying to impose them on readers. You may find people who agree with your ideas and some who may not. Some may even not understand your ideas as others.

Give people their own will and power to choose which side or what they would want to think. Pushing slightly. Or just making the information available to them. In other words, do not impose your ideas on your readers.

Running away from your problems

*unable to publish because you naturally cannot solve your problems. You keep running away from your problems instead of finding a way to solve them.

Know that your true skills reveal itself when there is a problem. Confronting situations would reveal your true strength and give you confidence in yourself. When you run away from situations, they would seem greater hence deprive yourself the confidence to move forward. The same way as in writing. The more you approach a writing situation no matter how boring and daunting it may be sometimes be, thoroughly exploring a particular subject gives you confidence to publish your ideas. The more you explore the topic and break the ideas down to the appropriate level of understanding for yourself and your readers, the more you will have confidence to publish your articles.

Feeling bored to always have to orient yourself to the topic or article

Also, you are unable to publish because you want to keep writing because you always have to orient yourself to the topics or article when you attend to it. This normally happens when you do not publish fresh ideas. When you hold onto your contents. Anytime you go back to it, you have to reorient yourself to the article by writing through as you read through and then you keep adding more ideas or gaining ideas for new articles. You not only have to orient yourself to the article but also the particular article and title. Sometimes you may even feel lazy to write because you always of have to go through the slow process of booting yourself or awakening your skills and ideas on the topic.

Publish your fresh ideas

You should try as much as possible therefore to publish fresh ideas. As you write on fresh ideas or articles, you are familiar with the immediate article or topic. You must also be consistent on your topics. When you write on a particular topic orienting yourself to the content always becomes easier and takes much less time to gain velocity in your thoughts. Writing therefore becomes easy and interesting. Do not pile up lots of old ideas. Make sure that you spend time on your current ideas but do not hold them long enough that you forget the concept and background idea. Do not hold on them so long that you are unable to let go the content for public readership.

When you procrastinate or pile up contents that need publishing, you would always feel lazy and bored to go back and work on them. Try to work on your fresh ideas and publish them before your inspiration diverts to another topic or lose interest in your drafts because new ideas keep occurring to you only to make the old ones seem archaic.

Not having the required number of words to be published

Sometimes what could bar you from publishing which may not been your own cause is that, the article may not be up to the number of words required to be published. You might the idea for an article but may not have the supplementary ideas and more words and phrases to in order to reach the permissible word count for publishing on a particular directory.

Read extensively and refer ideas and examples from other sources

You can read extensively or research on related contents for ideas and examples to support your articles. You should also quote references and examples from other contents. This can add more words and make your content sound professional hence bringing you the confidence to publish your ideas.

Try Writing before you title

Do well to write extensively your ideas especially without conforming them to a particular title. Sometimes coming up with a title before the contents could confine your thoughts or thinking ability. You would be restricted to develop ideas only in relation to the title. This means that any idea that occurs to you unrelated to the title cannot be added to the article. Simply express your thoughts limitlessly, and just group-arrange related contents. Title and then publish. As you write, you will do well to make the grouping and arranging of ideas easier by tracking your different ideas with subtitles. As you draft down your ideas, try to subtitle them so that you can easily select and group related ones. Without subtitles, it will be difficult locating related ideas among so many words.

Discussing the wrong topic.

Sometimes you are unable to finalize or have confidence in your own ideas because you might find yourself discussing a topic that you are not good at. You may even not have the appropriate keywords or technical words to convey ideas to your readers well.

For a writer who discusses love topics writing on politics may not be able to discuss the ideas professionally and confidently. You would be comparing your ideas to other professionally written content or other authors’ who have mastered a particular area and style of discussion. You may have the idea – yes – but you would subconsciously be imparting skills and styles of writing love topics into a political discussion that would make your content sound unprofessional to you and to your readers as well.

Specialize in one area of topic and pattern of arrangement.

You should know which area you are good at and specialize there. Specialize not just with a particular topic but a particular style of discussion or pattern in arranging your ideas.

Focus on what you do best

Spend enough time doing what you do best in the writing process, and allow others in your team to also do what they enjoy doing or do best. You can lose your inspiration to publish a particular content when you have to keep shifting your skills to focus on other areas of the writing process. If it is just one article that you are writing for fun, you can work around the content yourself. However, if you are writing in commercial quantity, it is necessary that you engage others in the writing process. Doing all aspects of the writing process yourself could sabotage your success. Being the writer and the same time will let you lose the confident to publish your fresh ideas because, as new ideas occur to you, you would have to put the drafts aside to write down the new ideas before they escape you. In time you would realize yourself too busy to go back to edit or you would have many piled up drafts with lots of errors that needs to be corrected before they can be published. The piled up lot could discourage you, at the same time you have to work on the fresh ideas that still keep occurring to you. Then you have to think about publishing the old drafts too. Without help, publishing in commercial quantities would be very difficult.

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