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Why You Should Avoid People Who Tell You You're Ugly

Updated on May 25, 2016

People call other people names all the time. Most of them are just joking and having a little fun.

Then there are those people who want to see someone truly hurt. We experience the presence and words of a person like this who tries to convince us that we are truly all the horrible things they are calling us.

This need to make others think they are ugly was something that became peculiar and weird to me when I was very young.

After giving it some thought, the truth came to me, which are all the reasons why you should avoid people who call you ugly.


Reason #1. They Want You To Be Their Slaves

They want you to be what they want you to be. These people that call people ugly seek out others that they can ruin emotionally so they can control them.

The reason for their need to control you is weird and crazy.

Often times they just want you to feel bad in the HOPES that you will eventually get depressed.

If you're depressed, you will stop taking an interest in your appearance and your attitude.

This is usually so they can fill up your empty spirit with their opinions about the way they think you should appear and live. This could make you their living puppet or slave.

For your freedom, and peace of mind, avoid them.


Reason #2. The Punching Bag

There are bullies. We have all seen them and heard them. This is just another bully that likes to hurt you emotionally. Make you cry. Make you feel bad. Depress you even.

Their insults on the way you look, particularly calling you ugly, only makes you their punching bag. They can come up to you and say whatever about you including, you're ugly, and ruin your whole day.

Overall, they enjoy being able to turn your smile upside down. Avoid this person, hide, run swiftly away, say you have strep or some virus, overall get away from them and that aggravation they emit.


Reason #3. Misery Loves Company

It's sad when some do not have pride no matter what they do to boost themselves up. This can involve insulting you. They usually want to make you feel bad because they are incapable of feeling good.

And here you would have the depressed insulter, trying to convince you that you are ugly because they feel ugly.

For the sake of your own pride and the prevention of aggravation, get away from this person. You don't want to catch their self-hatred and aggravating tendencies.


Reason #4. Depression

And finally, their verbal abuse may cause you to believe you are truly ugly.

Listening to these people every single day may cause you to believe them. If you ever start believing the you are ugly, you may officially embrace this lie and embrace depression.

Listening to their miserable voice and opinion can work its way into your brain and severely damage your thought-process and opinion about yourself on a bad day.

Do not let yourself be caught around these insulting people. Their ideas about your appearance can become a pack of demons that try to delusion you into believing you are actually ugly.

Therefore avoid any encounter with them and their depression because it may get on you and stick.


Last Note

Everyone knows that it is the attitude that determines how attractive one can be.

Features are everything to people who have been told their whole lives they are pretty or attractive.

It is the rest of us that do not have perfect features that are beautiful and people cannot understand how or why.

If someone comes around calling you ugly and ultimately trying to convince you that you are ugly, get as far away from them as fast as you can. Staying around them not only continues to opening the door to their verbal abuse, but the aggravation of it can cause headaches or you to be violent overtime.

And also, staying away from them is not only because they are competely annoying and can be depressing, but because you are not ugly.


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