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Why a Writer Writes

Updated on September 30, 2017

Welcome guest writer, Sarah Butland. Enjoy her article and learn more about her at the end.

As a reader I love finding a free ebook or winning a print book to add to my ever-growing collection of books but as a writer I’m kind of annoyed.

It’s true, writers don’t typically write a book for the money to come flooding in but it’s not to give away their blood, sweat and tears either. Every author I know weaves a tale for the sheer bliss of doing so and because the characters in their head won’t shut up otherwise but it’s much more than that. As much as we all say we don’t do it for the money we would all love to be repaid for the effort we devote to crafting a story our readers will love.

Whether it’s a book, a blog, articles for a magazine or a personal diary, writing is therapeutic for many. A practice we all are encouraged to work on from grade school and up, it’s a form of communication that can be a lot easier for some compared to talking face to face.

10 Reasons

Here are 10 ways why writers have been known to do what they love despite the challenges:

  1. Profession

There are jobs in writing or careers that require a regular routine of writing reports or letters and while it’s not the most ideal situation for creative writers it does provide an outlet and avenue to write and bring in a regular paycheque.

2. To Entertain

Finding a reader that laughed or cried through your story is the ultimate gift. Writing can be a very lonely practice so finding someone who takes the time to enjoy what you have managed to put down on paper and share is a magnificent feeling.

3. Expression

For a lot of people it’s easier to take pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and think through written word than it is to do it verbally. We all have feelings we struggle to express outwardly but putting them down somewhere believing they still belong to ourselves just makes it simple. Writing what we need to say in an email or letter is just somehow easier to do, even if we end up reading it out loud to the person later.

4. Educate

Once something is said it’s out there and cannot be changed. In a tense situation we often speak before we think but writing it out helps in many ways. With the ability to review and revise what you’ve said, putting words on paper can be used as a teaching method. Being able to share our personal experience and knowledge can be easier to do when documented and it offers the opportunity to have the teachings translated to be used around the world.

5. Curiosity

It’s been said many times that we all have a book to write or a story to tell. Some writers have just been so curious about their own story that they’ve made an effort to write it. In this manner, some have been known to surprise themselves and their readers with their ability to weave and craft a story.

6. Exposure/ Fame

As many times as I’ve heard we all have a story to tell I think I’ve heard there’s no money in writing just as much as or more. There are many days it seems very true and others that it just doesn’t matter. There are stories of rags to riches through that one book that caught the attention of millions. Think of JK Rawling and her story, or Stephen King and his struggle with finding a publisher, or Dan Brown who was just about to give up when DaVinci Code got accepted. Writers have seen miracles happen and are encouraged to carve their own path, proving skeptics wrong

7. To Have Fun

Being able to create a new world, meet some interesting characters and become someone else even just for a little while is a great reason to encourage young kids to start writing. It’s also why some authors continue to pen a new short story or novel. It can certainly be an entertaining way to discover yourself as a writer truly does put his or herself into each piece of writing

8. To Leave a Legacy

As sad as it is to think about, we’re all going to die someday. When that day comes we can no longer tell people who we were or what we thought. Much like a painter or sculpture leaving themselves behind for all to enjoy, writers can leave piles of note books or computer files hidden in their things that can be passed on for generations to come.

9. For Control

Life is chaotic for us all and being out of control can be tiresome and troublesome. Only within our own stories and imagination can we fully take charge without repercussions or fear of consequences, unless the characters in their head fight back.

10. To Sort Through The Mess

Writing out feelings or scenarios can help clarify things in a way much easier than trying to find someone to talk to about it. In the end, being able to look back at what you’ve thought and how you got there. And then you can burn it or tear it up so no one sees your meanderings but you see the clarity they bring.

Writing, in some way, is for everyone so I encourage you to try it out today!

Sarah Butland

Sarah Butland was born in Ontario, the year was 1982. She now resides in Nova Scotia, Canada with her high school sweetheart and son.

The creator of BananaBoy and author of the Adventures Of Sammy series beginning with Sending You Sammy, her first published children's book, Butland dreams big and starts small. Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm added to her in print collection of books among her blog (, articles for magazines and many other forms of writing.


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