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Why do you want to write?

Updated on May 16, 2017
Why do you want to write?
Why do you want to write?

Why do you want to write?

Attention to all the writers out there, this is for you.

Writing is something that all writers are passionate about, and in turn that makes writing limitless. So the question is "why do you want to do it? Before a writer writes, anything that is the question they ask themselves. It doesn’t matter what they are writing they have to ask themselves the question before they begin. Why would you ask yourself Why do you want to write? The reason for that is that your thoughts are organized. If you are not an experienced writer, and I am not calling myself, experienced in any sense when I say this. If you are not an experienced writer you can’t just come up with things right off the cuff and they magically appear perfect on the page that you are writing on, correct? For most writers yes, that is correct, it takes a lot of planning, and revision to get your writing to where you want it to be. The limitlessness of writing happens when you let your mind go. When you let your mind go you come up with a limitless number of things don't you? When you are not really thinking of anything.

Most of the time, if you have ideas of what you want to write about you don’t ask yourself, why do I want to write? You already know because you are writing different things continuously. If you have writer's block, sometimes that is when you ask yourself the question of why you want to write, because nothing is coming to mind for you to write about. Have you ever actually just stopped one day, while writing and asked yourself, “Why do I want to write”? Even when you have writer's block do you actually stop and ask yourself, why you want to write? Your answer is probably no, I have never done that, until recently anyway. Why would someone want to write?

The answer to that question is because they love it. They like being in someone else’s world or even in their own little world. That is where writing takes them, so they don’t have to deal with the stresses, of whatever else is going on in their lives. When you are a writer, writing comes naturally for the most part. It doesn’t even matter what type of writer you are, it just comes naturally, but when it doesn’t come naturally, that is when you begin to question why you want to write. When you have writer's block and it lasts for long periods of time, there is nothing you can do about it, really. You just have to let the writer’s block run its course and hope that it doesn’t last too long.

When are you having trouble coming up with things to write, about that is when you ask yourself, the question why do I want to write? When you ask yourself this question the pros and cons of writing come up, but does that deter you from your dream of writing? Not if you are really adamant about, writing and what you want to write about. Most of the time, when someone asks you why you want to write, you can tell them straight up, why and not only give one reason but a couple of reasons. The answers that people give when they are asked why they want to write, most of the time include I want to write, for myself, I want to write to tell a story, I want to write because it’s my passion, I want to write to be consumed by another world.

That is why people usually want to write, and they ask themselves these questions before they write. They do this so that, the story that they are trying to tell, is explained how they want it explained. Although everyone who writes has different reasons of why they want to write, so don’t always assume that everyone wants to write for the same purpose. Why do I want to write? I want to write because I am very passionate about it. I love the feeling of, a keyboard under my fingers, or a pen in my hand, running across the paper, I love living in the fancy world of my novels and telling my own story through them when I write. When I blog I love writing about interesting things, that will bring people back. To read my other posts. I want to write, because I like to see my thoughts on paper, all organized. That is why I write, and that is why I will continue to do so.

Write if you want to
Write if you want to

Why Be A Writer?

I want to write because I feel as though I have a story to tell, whether it be through writing my novels or my blog posts. Isn’t that why other people want to write because they have a story to tell? That is the only explanation I can come up with for why I want to write, and why other people want to write as well. As I mentioned before, though everyone’s reason for why they want to write, is different because everyone is different. If we were all the same then our writing would all be the same, and what good would that be. So the reason why I want to write is different than someone else, but we are all unique and different which is what makes our writing our own. Do you want to write so that your own words are heard? Ask yourself that question and if the answer is yes, then you have your answer for why you want to write.

If you don’t agree with why others want to write, don’t hold that against others. If people want to write they have their own reasons to why they want to, and what they want to write about and how they are going to go about it. Some people will be authors, others bloggers, and whatever other writers there are in the world. If people want to write they have their reasons and they fight for them until they get to where they want to go with their writing. Although again this is my opinion but I don’t suppose others will disagree with me. Everyone who writes has their own reasons for it and will get their writing seen no matter what it takes if they are dedicated that is. Which I am and I will do anything it takes to get my writing seen and where it needs to be. If you are having trouble with figuring out why you want to write, make a list and see what you come up with. You will be surprised it does work, so why not give it a shot. Writing is a new way to open the mind why not try it if that is what you are into.

Writing is limitless which means the reasons why someone would want to write are limitless as well. Before anyone can write they have to figure out the why and the what of the writing that they want to do. Once they figure that out then the words just flow out of them or at least that is what they do for me. Everyone who writes has limitless reasons why they want to do it. Since we are all different are reasons for writing whatever it is that we write are different. For example, I want to write because I want my voice heard when I write about topics that I am passionate about, and I want to write because When I write novels I can get lost in my characters and the story that I am trying to tell. Writing gives me a sense of freedom and that is why I like it and want to continue to do it.

The Why of Writing

Writing is a form of expression through words and if you are the type of person who enjoys that then go for it and write. People who like to write like the form of expression through words, they enjoy getting lost in what they are writing and seeing where their writing is going to lead. People write to get the stories that are in their minds out on paper. Once the story they want to write is out on paper, they feel free and alive and ready to continue. The Why of writing is the rush you feel when you see the words of your story on the page in front of you. Getting the story that you have been thinking about for so long out on paper is a great accomplishment. People want to write because they have a story to tell and that is why they write.

Why do you want to write? Let's discuss

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