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Why do you write? For Money?

Updated on December 23, 2012

A Writer's Dream

Why do we write? Foremost I write because I like to. However, I do have dreams of making big money for my efforts. A best seller? A block buster?

Two projects I have worked on have had great interest - one a book on flowers which was initially suggested by a publishing company that eventually (when I had finished the work) decided they were not doing gardening material, and another which I had a contract on but it fell through due to the financial crisis. It was to be a movie.

Undaunted I continue. This year I will I hope be accepted into a Master of Writing course at university and then perhaps with some good tutors and an injection of enthusiasm I might fight harder to get my work published.

I have several unfinished manuscripts in my computers.

Over the past few years though I have made a small income from writing - blogging, articles etc, and I note that there is much interest in the websites that offer writers an opportunity to earn some money with their writing talents.

Hub Pages is clearly one of them, though payment is via AdSense clicks, and those who manage to do good marketing throughout the Internet make good money. There are some good Hubs on this topic. AdSense ads are the source of funds for many of the blogging sites, and again, good bloggers do well.

Many of the folk that make good money with blogs make it using affiliate programs, or training programs on being a good blogger. Or they sell product of some sort through their sites. One such site is Problogger.

Good websites for quality writing are on the Internet,

Suite 101 has been going for years and I did write for them a long time ago. I'm not sure why I stopped, but I did.

I tend to do well with Blogger with my own blog sites - but this is blocked where I am in China.

Anyone serious about their writing can find many sites on the Internet - find one that you like and can easily use. Some writers are not good at the technical side of posting on the Internet, but practice will make perfect. Try and see. Most of these sites are free to join, so you can do some testing and measuring to see if it fits into your abilities and interests.

Clearly though, to make money you need to have a strong commitment to it. You can probably make a modest income if you work at it like a job, and put in the hours that a full time job demands.

These days however, getting a book published may be easier for some - with the Internet providing opportunities to sell e-books too. Again, some technical knowledge is required to do this, although some sites are very easy to use.

Persistence pays. Keep on Keeping On!!!

So, it is back to Australia for me, back to study, and this time with a determination to see some of my writing in print. Not on the Internet, but published by a respected publisher.

I have never given up my dream, and I hope dear reader, that you do not give up yours.

Other Hubs of Interest - just do a search on Hub Pages you will find more reading.....

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    • Aussieteacher profile image

      Di 7 years ago from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

      Yes, JK Rowling was also rejected many times as have been many famous writers. I won't give up.

    • World-Traveler profile image

      World-Traveler 7 years ago from USA

      Hello Aussie Teacher

      A book that turned into a movie came up in my memory as I was reading your story above. The book and the movie that followed were named "The Godfather". The author had his book rejected nine times before it was finally accepted by the tenth publishing company the author approached.

      Nine other publishing companies did not recognize the genius of the writer.