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Why don't people believe in him?

Updated on October 30, 2011

Why Don't People Believe in Him?

I have noticed how many people don't believe in God? Why is that,is it cause we cant see or touch him? Or are they just blind? We were brought into the world somehow by someone. I mean Jesus he died for our sins. He's given us a wonderful life,and not believing him just lets him down. They made churches for a reason,so that way we can communicate and feel his spirit touch us,but some of you decide to stay home? Why not just give him your time,he gave his life for us. All they are asking for is 45 minutes to a Hour. So what if you miss that football game. I mean is it more important then God or Jesus. People need to go to church to glorify what he's done,and thank him for this life. I mean without Jesus or God by your side,who can you rely on? If you have them in you heart,you can pray and communicate with them. If someone is hurt,he will heal them,and don't say he wont,I've seen it happen. Like one time my Nephew was in critical condition prayers we sent out,and he's with us today. So still why don't you people believe in him?


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