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Why is the Chicken Soup for the Soul series so popular? Read this before buying or gifting a Chicken Soup book

Updated on February 8, 2012
Are you feeding your soul some chicken soup? Read on and find out why you should, and why Chicken Soup for the Soul book series has become a hit with book lovers and others alike!
Are you feeding your soul some chicken soup? Read on and find out why you should, and why Chicken Soup for the Soul book series has become a hit with book lovers and others alike!

There are thousands of reasons why you should buy a Chicken Soup book online or gift one to a book lover. For starters, it embalms the wounded spirit, celebrates success, inspires courage, questions failure and reassures like a mother – just what a nice and hot bowl of homemade chicken soup is supposed to do! Here's why this best selling self help book series developed by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Kimberly Kirberger has become so popular and has attracted millions of happy readers.

1) Inspirational quotes in every story of the Chicken Soup book series

Every short story in every single Chicken Soup book starts with a quote that relates to the theme of the story. This sets a great beginning and mindset for the reader, piquing his/her interest on the content that will follow. The beginning of each chapter too is accompanied by an appropriate quotable quote which sets the tone and mood for all the stories. The Chicken Soup series uses some of the best traditional Oriental and native quotes that gives readers a nice little inspirational boost, just when they need it.

2) Short author bios at the end of every Chicken Soup book

"Are these stories really written by real people with real experiences across the world or is it just the product of a brilliant editorial team coming together?" This is a question that every Chicken Soup reader has thought over again and again. But when readers flip across to the end of the book, they find a dedicated section on the biographies of all the contributing writers. This adds a warm tough to the book, don't you think? And when you read the life story of each author encompassed in 4-5 lines, you realize that there are passionate people in this world. These people have the courage to come to the forefront and share their stories with the world. What's more, you can even get in touch with them directly.

3) Real Life Notes to Authors

If you've read Chicken Soup for the Survivors Soul, for the Unsinkable Soul, for the Baseball Fan's Soul, for the Cat Lover's Soul, for the Nurse's Soul and for the Soul in Menopause amongst many other dozens of Chicken Soup titles, you would have noticed that many stories have a short note at the end. These stories often say something on the lines of "The author of this story died 3 months after writing this" or "The author of this story is now a successful cancer survivor and has his/her own foundation for supporting cancer patients." This adds a lot of believability to the story and if the story is touching, the readers genuinely start connecting to the author and at times, relating their own experiences in life to the author's.

4) Celebrity write ups

Imagine what a wonderful thing it would be if all the celebrities of this world started writing one story each for the Chicken Soup series? We could have all their wisdom and inspirational life anecdotes first hand resting peacefully in one really cool edition of Chicken Soup for the Celebrity's Soul! While that is yet to happen, readers across the world have already enjoyed servings of chicken soup from celebrities like Jennie Garth, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Bill Cosby in the Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul. Dave Barry, Barbara Bush, Reba McIntire, Erma Bombeck and Joan Rivers have written for the Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul, while Michael Crichton wrote for the Chicken Soup for the Traveler's Soul, amongst other books.

5) The easy-to-read quality of writing

The Chicken Soup book series has its editorial guidelines laid out well and clear. Before every other rule is followed, the Chicken Soup label wants the story to be written from the heart. The subject of the story should narrate an experience that the writer deems important to share with the world. The writer has to submit his/her story in the first person, and can be an anecdote ranging from 500 to a 1000 words. Every Chicken Soup story you read will re-affirm these guidelines. The fact that all the Chicken Soup books are so easy to read and flip through, make them most endearing. Make the reader laugh, cry, think, get goose bumps, become unsettled or edgy – to make them feel is the motto.

6) A mix of more than 200 universal and niche themes that everyone can relate to

The beauty of a great piece of writing it that is that it will strike a universal chord with anyone who reads it, irrespective of the person's nationality, cultural background, educational qualifications or gender. While a Filipino who's never played golf can pick up the Chicken Soup for the Golfer's Soul, a Canadian can pick up the Chicken Soup for the Singapore Soul, a wine connoisseur can enjoy Chicken Soup for the Wine Lover's Soul and so on. Can you see what a brilliant mix of titles the Chicken Soup series has? There's something for everyone. Pick up any niche Chicken Soup title with three objectives – to read about niche areas that you enjoy, to read about niche areas that you have no idea about and you want to know more or universal themes that you and everybody else can relate to.

7) Chicken Soup re-affirms faith in the minds of the readers

Generic categories like Hope, Love, Overcoming Obstacles, Success, Wisdom, Victory, Faith etc are tweaked according to the specific title of a Chicken Soup book. And every category re-enforces a certain principle of life. Readers can bookmark a story and come back to it later, think about it in their own life's context and say "That could be me" or "What would have I done in this situation?" or "Thank God, I'm not alone". Every Chicken Soup story will nourish your emotional being, give you more perspective on life and make you think twice. If you see tears streaming down your cheeks by the time you've finished a Chicken Soup, don't be surprised. You will not only find that the experience in each story rekindles and warms your spirit, but you'll also see that it re-enforces the principles of life as we already know them.

8) A perfect gift

Okay, so you're going to gift your dear friend a book. Or you've decided to gift that new colleague at work a book to break the ice. But which book? Voila. For a person who is closest to your heart to a person who you don't know much - gift them a Chicken Soup book and you will find that it is the perfect gift for everyone. Gift someone a niche Chicken Soup title if you think they have specific interests or if they're in a certain life stage. Optionally, you can give something generic if you don't want to make the book too specific or redundant for someone. Simply buy the book off Amazon, gift wrap it and you're ready to make someone's day.

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