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Why? repost

Updated on April 21, 2014


 Why the sudden stream of tears
To deaden the screams of grief
Why must fault or blame be put
to question our own belief

Why must we pray for the impossible
than cry when it's not impending
Why wish the misery on someone else
While in our own lies still descending

Why is it such a tremendous shock
Although it may be more than expected
Why when it happens to someone else
How little are we affected

Why ignore the fact that life does end
And in this there is no doubt
Why not understand if a door says In
There must be another that says out

Why not accept death for what it is
The only thing you can't deny
Than move on with your own life
And please stop asking why

© 2011 heavym46


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    • X_FallenAngel_X profile image

      X_FallenAngel_X 6 years ago from Battery City

      Beautiful work. You might want to concider putting this with music to make a song. I'm sure it'd be a hit!