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Why so my dreams?

Updated on May 26, 2014

Why so my dreams

I laid my head down to rest my body,

Then thought of my life, then my recent day, counted sheep, then I walked into dream's lobby,

I saw my favorite dreams and greeted them excitedly,

I watched my mean and hateful dreams give me the most dark share hate could spare,

I enjoyed the setting, how creative my imagination was,

Clouded tables full of life , but that dark space in the middle seemed to still care,

Where I was , I thought was away from that negative energy, but it always placed itself in front of me,

It flows so reckless, and yet, aimed for me,

I will leave this dream, and come back another time,

I turn to leave, and its waiting by the door with the biggest, nastiest grin of all grins,

I walk toward the darkness with caution, but firm,

When I get to this darkness, it disappears like it was never there,

I think I will go back to the lobby of dreams now, I will ask my dreams why so.


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