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Why the Shadows

Updated on October 21, 2013
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From the Shadows from Wylie Maercklein
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Mind shadows from strobe_flash
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Why the Shadows

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

I am a pariah of my own choosing,

and I live within the light and darkness of my mind,

shadowed by the extremities of thought,

that plead understanding.

Whatever I do, wherever I am,

a dark face stares menacingly at me,

as if to maintain vigilance, keep me in check,

but there is no fear, just an acknowledgement on my part.

The propensity is mine alone,

not wanted, not conceived but simply a reminder,

that worlds exist beyond my consciousness,

and I, the seeker, must be aware of them.

But I have not to look far,

for my withdrawal is based on this very fact,

the world is filled with harm and soulless beings,

intent on spreading the chaos of evil intent.

Like attracts like they say,

so why do I not look for the positive, the beauty,

and I respond, I do, marvel at it daily,

but life is not just roses, not the perfect journey of bliss.

The journey is complete when all sides are acknowledged,

when understanding surpasses judgement,

and one realises that good and bad are choices,

not vehicles of deliverance, rather the attainment of balance.

I thirst for answers,

but knowing love is everything,

can only come into being when hate is understood,

and life comes full circle, perspective enlivened.

Awareness is both a gift and an excruciating experience,

and I have long known that fairy-tales don't represent reality,

just the wants of insecure souls searching for meaning,

and so I observe from the fence.

And in that, I peruse the periphery,

where truth often hides,

and whatever is revealed I must abide,

for until I am in full light, I am a mere shadow of who I can be.

Where we choose to live creates our path and all the tangents of our perpetually evolving thinking.


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    • profile image

      rcorcutt 4 years ago

      Thanks. Enjoying it thus far.

    • Tony DeLorger profile image

      Tony DeLorger 4 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Glad you did Robert, and welcome to the HubPages community. I hope you enjoy the experience.

    • profile image

      rcorcutt 4 years ago

      I like it. I will check out your other HUBS asap