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If you desire.....................

Updated on October 25, 2016

When you touched my heart,

What you indicated ?

I feel the whether changed,

the world appears me very beautiful.

If you desire,

I will sing the song of love,

throughout my life,

I will write these songs,

on your beautiful whispering lips,

and then the whole world will,

discover you in my songs.

If you desire,

I will fill-up your life,

with happiness of the whole world,

I feel that you are my life,

and reason of myself being alive,

If you desire,

and only when you desire,

I will spread out my existence,

through out the universe,

which will explain you,

Why I loved you,

Why don't you desire,

Why are you silent,

Why did you touched my heart,

Say something,

say something,

and say something.


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