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Updated on April 24, 2012

Confusion, hate and fear for those who hurt you, that are so dear

Why do u look away
When I am crying out it pain…
For it seems the thunder covers my screams,
In this down pour of rain.
As you look at me and smile,
Tears fall from my eyes,
Why do you hurt me so much inside?
The walls a caving in,
And I can’t breath,
As you cover my body with your skin,
The pain doesn’t want to end.
Why do you say that I am a whore?
What did I do so wrong?
To make your touch hurt so strong.

Playing still wanting to disappear ,
I realize that if I die
You wouldn’t notice me here,
As the blood drips from my body,
You tell me how bad I have been,
Yet there is nothing I can do ,
To make all of this end…
Why does no one hear as I cry out at night?
Where in this world is there light?
Why do you hurt me so bad?
Is all I want to ask,
Yet you seem to get off,
On the tears I shed,
Why doesn’t someone help me?
To be able to break free,
Why is all I can ask, inside my head.
Cause no one is listening,
I guess only when I am dead,
Will I be free from all the pain.
And then there will be no more rain,
Is what I want to ask…


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