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Why Does Love Exist?

Updated on November 11, 2015

I don't believe in magic, and I don't believe your words

I don't believe in Love, I find the idea quite absurd

I don't believe your lies... it's hard to believe the truth

I haven't believed in myself so it's hard to believe in you

Oh... but the things I don't allow myself to feel

The emotions and the warmth I've put aside

Perhaps I have collected another me...

and maybe It's time for them to decide

I want to believe in these butterflies...

and I want to believe in you

I want to believe in my heart's cries

but I don't know what to do

Love is silly... it serves no purpose at all...

yes it is the glue... to me and you

but it's also a wall

It's unlogical... an obstacle...

Why does it exist?

If all the love were to just vanish... how could love be missed?


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