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What Is a Field Associate Auditor?

Updated on May 17, 2017

Businesses are hiring Field Associate Auditors because they are finding it necessary to continually offer a better shopping experience and do more to attract and keep customers. A Field Associate Auditor, serves as a means of competing with the competition. There are thousands of incognito people (mystery shopping) evaluating workers’ performance and more are needed.

Field Associate Auditor

We have all had a problem with a business such as customer service, cleanliness or an inappropriate order? Have you ever wished you could report to someone? Well, now’s your chance to do it and get paid at the same time. Businesses are paying individuals such as yourself to visit their place of business and give them your opinion. They do this to get an honest opinion of their everyday operation.

As a Field Associate Auditor our services will prevent the loss of the most valuable asset a company has, that is their customers. We are helping to prevent that from happening.

Mystery shoppers work for many different structured business' that are service oriented companies who stand to lose a substantial amount of business if their employees perform poorly. When a company wants a mystery shopping they seek the services of a Market Research company that specializes in developing these shops.

Market Research Businesses Hire on a Contract Basis means that you are not their “employee” – but rather an independent Field Associate Auditor. You are held responsible for your own income taxes on your earnings and no deductions will be taken out of your paycheck. Most people like this because it allows them to take advantage of numerous tax breaks.

What qualifies you to be a good Field Associate Auditor?

Anyone who is reliable, observant, with a little common sense and neat in appearance can be a great Field Associate Auditor. People who make good Field Associate Auditors are those people who appreciate good service and who like to feel that their business is appreciated. When you accepts assignments with the good intentions of completing each assignment in a timely manner and evaluations that are completed objectively makes a good Field Associate Auditor.

The Field Associate Auditor’s job is not to spy on the employee’s or business, or even to try to catch them in something wrong. You are not even looking for anything right. You simply evaluate and report on your experience. Field Associate Auditors must remain completely open when performing their duties. If you’ve had a bad experience in the past at a certain business, then you should be professional and refuse to evaluate that establishment if you feel you cannot be objective.

You are the link that keeps the corporate headquarters informed, and they need you to act in a professional manner. For a business to be successful, they must maintain customer satisfaction. They can better please the customer if they understand how the customer is being treated and if their product is being sold as they intended.

You are working around your schedule, which is important to a stay-at-home mom or dad, retiree, student or part-time worker. Some places may want you to go to their establishment only during certain hours, i.e. happy hour, early bird specials, moonlight madness sales, etc. Some of the companies want you to bring your children along to some of the audits you will be performing. This is good for the stay at home mom. Field Associate Auditors are needed every hour of the day somewhere!

When you complete an assignment this is how you will get paid.

You will get paid for each assignment you complete for the market research companies. The pay can range from $10.00 for a quick 15-minute assignment, to $50-$100 or more for a longer assignment. Most of the companies will send you a check or direct deposit once you submit your assignment report with the details they request. Some now are also offering PayPal as a payment option.

You need NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED to do this job. Some assignments are very close to where you live. Any available time you may you nave will benefit you. Many of us have found this can actually be a full time job, making a $100+ per day is not out of the question. You can work one day a week or every days of the week — the choice is yours. The more assignments you do, the more money you will make, sounds like something you can get involved in? Most business representative or a scheduler from a market research company will contact you via e-mail. Most market research companies use the Internet exclusively when offering assignments because of its speed and convenience.

Keep in mind that you can choose which assignments to accept as they are offered to you. Never feel pressured into a job. Don’t be afraid to say no if you are not interested in an assignment. For any reason you don't want to visit a particular establishment due to conflicting issues, explain this and that should be no problem..

How Did I Get Into the Bussness?

I ordered a program and with this program came a tons of jobs listed to and I started applying to companies and I will say within a few days I was accepting my first assignment.

My first assignment was for a major restaurant, I won't name them, but I thought big business' had their stuff together. Not, rude, no napkins and did not even want to answer my questions about the menu items, this was one requirement to fill and they didn't do so well right out the gate. I had to report my findings, and that's how it works. Make sure you have a good disposition also.

They may also ask you to question the sales clerk on several different items. What was his or her response? They may ask you to visit the washrooms and make sure they are clean and well stocked. Use a public telephone and comment on its accessibility. Just be yourself and carry on as if you were just a visitor. Always look at the name of whom you will be talking with if you weren't given a contact person.

Here are some examples of places I have audited:

  1. Apartment Leasing, - You will visit apartments and look over there surroundings, talk with the person showing the space and you might have to speak with a certain person, If stated that is what they mean for you to do.
  2. Grocery Stores/Restaurants - This can help you with supplying the food for the day.
  3. Banks / Financial Institutions - You may be asked to open up an account.
  4. Hotels - You will be required to stay a night, if you want you can pay for a longer stay, but you will not be reimbursed for extra nights.
  5. Automobile Dealerships / Car Repair - You are basically going here for the customer service aspect. And sometimes you can end up with a diagnostic test and find out if anything is wrong with your vehicle. All for Free....
  6. Toy Stores - So much fun when you bring the grannies along with you. You walking around and playing with everything. I'm a big kid now.....
  7. Movie Theaters / Theme Parks - This is so cool. Free movies and FUN that is all I can say..

It's really exciting and this came through for me at a time I was really needing some work. I didn't know if it would work but I stepped out on faith and found out that this really works, this isn't a scam, I was relieved when I started receiving pay and more assignments from so many companies needing my service.


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