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Wia is Luv

Updated on September 29, 2013

This story takes us into the life of a young girl who is in search of Love, having been hurt so many times; she decided to be on her own while she wait for the right person (Perfect Man) who will love her for who she is and will be there for her, that person who will pick up pieces of her broken heart and make it whole again. Her Journey began in the Southern part of Nigeria, a graduate of one of the leading universities in Nigeria and at the moment is seeking for employment.

Eshi as she is fondly called met Bende at the university and they both fell in love, a love which took her to places she felt she was created to be, she was wrapped up in his arm and they were always together, known among their friends as the new generation Romeo and Juliet. Eshi gave her all to make sure that her relationship which grew from strength to strength on a daily basis gets to the next level. You see, one thing about love is that it takes a fool to fall in love thus the saying “Only fools fall in love”. Eshi was a fool in love because it took her four years to find out that she was sleeping with an enemy.

It was a beautiful Friday morning, she got a call from Bende that he was traveling to Lagos to see his elder brother and will be back the next day, Eshi fared him well and continued with her lectures but sometime around 1pm, she got a distress call from a very close friend that Bende was involved in a car accident. She rushed to the hospital and miraculously Bende was not in a critical condition but he was supposed to be on his way to Lagos and not to the 3 star hotel where the car knocked him down.

What was Bende doing along that road?

A question which took him months to answer and explain, convincingly, Eshi accepted his jargon then on the night of their graduation, what really caused the accident came to light.

Eshi came back from the city unexpected and found her best friend Christy, a final year medical student on bed with her husband to be. She cried herself to coma and it took the doctors four days to revive her, with loose of memory and no sense of belonging, she graduated from the University and vowed never to give her heart to any one again.

Will Eshi ever trust a man again?

Will Eshi ever find Love again?

Will Eshi’s questions be answered?

She questioned why love hurts and why is it that in all cases, those meant to love one are the ones that hurt one but among all her friends who stood by her during the days she sobered and cried for a love she called butterfly and it flew away was Onome. Onome had been a childhood friend and trusted associate and she was there to comfort and console her. She gave her all she needed from someone to enable her to overcome the fear Bende left in her life and the whole support she needed to begin her life again. Onome is married with two kids and although she seems happy outside and looks like one you will consider the lucky wife, she revealed something to Eshi.

Something that will become her nightmare instead of a pillar to move on.

Onome and Onyeka had been married for five years, they are both from two different tribes in Nigeria, one an Igbo and the other an Ijaw, It was a fierce romance, one you will mistake for an Israelite in love with a Palestine or An Al-Qaida suicide bomber in love with an American journalist.

These two love birds were different in every way people could be different, they shared different opinion in everything, supported different candidates politically and shared different opinions about relationship but despite all their circumstantial and natural differences, they loved each other and were ready to die for each other.

Onyeka showered her with expensive gifts and she married him against the will of her parents.

- “No Igbo”. Her dad said.

- “If not onyii I will kill myself”. She declared.

Eshi knew everything about them but one thing she did not know is that it is not as it seem. Onyeka as a boy friend was protective and caring but as a husband is so abusive that you could see marks of his anger, infidelity, distrust and impatience on Onome’s body. It scared Eshi as she watched her dear friend cry expressing the pain she endure in her marital home, pain she cannot abandon because of shame, visible pain that makes her kids wonder why mummy cry all the time.

Even in matrimonial home, lies deceit and heart break, someone who vowed to love you for better and for worse and gave you a ring as a sign of love turns you into a punching bag and fails to honour you as the foundation of the family. During their courtship, Eshi remembered Onyeka as the flamboyant guy who caused jealousy and inevitable crush among all the girls that knew Onome. But one question she really need an answer to is where is love?

Where can one find true love if it really exist?

Will Eshi get an answer?


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