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Wide Awake In The Light

Updated on November 30, 2013

It's never a privelage to be abused
We should never suffer purposely
in silence the heart burns
the darkness drowns the soul
in loneliness in confusion
we drink the purest wine.

In the light you say we shall shine
turning off the lights
darkness floods over the blind
passages of scripture
we search for something higher

Wide awake
passing through headlights we become wiser.
some days traffic keeps us blinder
sounding off the insults
akward it is to face our brother
arguments arise someone wants the power.

Drifting in out of differences
we can tear up each other
whose going to stop us
we'll just begin again, end up
fighting forever.

Shout a little louder
quieter in God's light
it's where love is discovered
in the light we touch the
healing power
shine a little brighter.


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