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Wilderness Passion

Updated on September 6, 2017

What goes through a man's mind after the horror of war?

Wilderness Passion, is the story of a man that had his life change because of the horrors of war. He was wounded, returned home, but the stress was more than he could bear. He left home and walked deep into the wilderness of Minnesota where he built a cabin on a lake far from civilization.

Johnny Phillips, developed a passion for nature that took over his life. It made him happy and feel at peace. After years of living alone in the wilderness, he had his life change again. He eventually meets a woman from the city that he falls madly in love with.

Their love explodes life wildfire, but she couldn't live in the wilderness and he couldn't live in the city. What would they do? Was there a compromise? Wilderness Passion, is a story of horror, nature, peace, life, and love. It makes one think, what would they do under the same circumstances?

In writing this novel, as well as the others I have written, I want to make the reader feel like they are there, like they become a part of the story.


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