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Wilderness Survival Short Story Part 3: The first steps into the wild

Updated on June 15, 2011

A feeling of Freedom

Didn't take to long for Jared to feel a rush of freedom when his boots hit the ground for what would be a life altering experience. Madeline felt the same, neither one had an ounce of regret while hiking into thick wilderness of the Adirondack country.

After all it was early spring, the sun was just coming up over the ridge and bouncing off a thick row of pine trees. The smell of fresh air was an intoxicating thing for sure. The grass and thickets were still damp from the night time dew, birds were chirping.

Jared stopped for a moment and held his hand straight up as to signal Amanda to do the same. His eye was trained on the movement of thick brush ahead, before another muscle could be moved the fattest doe and her two fawns leapt passed Jared and before he knew it they crossed into the next ridge of pines. Jared turned to look at Amanda with a smile on his face. Madeline's eyes were big as saucers and all smiles. She whispered to Jared "Beautiful."

A slight breeze started to pick up as Jared and Madeline hiked forward through the thick wilderness and before they knew it hours went by like minutes. Jared stopped and removed his side bag and hung it from a tree branch of an old maple. Amanda was just catching up when she asked "What are you up to?" "I'm gonna make us a couple walking sticks."

A quick scan of dead fall maple had caught Jared's eye and he knew that a decent walking stick would come in handy not only for hiking through the woods, but also worked great for a host of other things in the woods. "Wont take me to long to knock the branch's off and taper the very end" Jared worked on a branch with his camp knife and before Amanda could get her bag off her shoulder Jared handed her a new walking stick. " told ya, easy"

Amanda smiled "Thank you, very nice." quickly Jared worked on a second stick for himself that was done as quickly as the first. "OK let's get moving so we can find a place to set up camp for the night." "I think I may know of a perfect place."

The remainder of the day was spent trekking through the woods, without another break. Jared had in his mind an old hunters camp site that he heard about from some buddies. If the old camp was found it would be a nice start for the both of them to rest for the night and maybe set up a base camp of sorts. Of course finding something like this may be impossible in such thick wilderness.


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