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Wilderness Survival Short Story Part 4: Can an old camp site be found?

Updated on June 15, 2011

Rumors of an old Camp

It was a long bit of trekking to go through as the brush and pines grew thicker but Jared and Madeline were determined to make camp before it got dark. Jared kept in his mind on the hopes of finding that old camp he heard rumors of and he was almost positive they were in the right area.

Light was starting to fade a bit as the sun was setting past the tree tops, and Jared was starting to slowly loose faith in finding anything when he happened to come into a partial clearing. Right in front of him the ground was wore where it looked like stones were partially sunken into the earth, scattered about almost like a path with grass and tall growth popping in between the stones. Surely this had to be a man mad path. To the left of him he could see a row of pines and the same to the right. In between the the left row of trees Jared could just barley make out what was the shape of a smaller sized building. He Stopped for a moment with Madeline by his side. "This has to be the camp I heard about."

Quickly they worked there way over to the grown in structure as Jared glanced down to admire the path someone made many years ago.

Now standing directly in front of the half delopateted building made quick work of cutting vines and brush that were blocking the wooden slat door that sat crooked on rusted iron hinges. Removing enough brush to get the door partially open revealed a dimly lit room that looked as if it were left suspended in time maybe by 100 yrs.

The interior walls were not of whole log but of slat board perhaps rough pine, same for the floor and ceiling. A wooden table sat in the center of the room with dust covered scattered items such an old lantern, tin cups, a coffee pot, these were initially spotted quickly.

To the left of the room was an old wood stove with tin pipe intact going through the ceiling. Next to the stove there was a dozen or so split logs with an old iron fire poker and hand hatchet. Above the stove walls were the mounts of three spike antler deer that had cob webs and dust hanging from there white tips.

The walls of the cabin were lined with shelves, one row had canned goods with no labels, clear canning jars, an old bamboo fishing pole and reel rested on a lower shelf with a metal tackle box by its side.

There was no sign of bedding or sink. This was a square room left unfound or un bothered by man for some time. When Jared was told of this camp he never thought he would find it or that it would be left almost undisturbed.

In the back end of the room a small square in the wall was boarded over. Jared made way over to this area as Madelaine examined the shelves. "This looks like a window." Jared worked on popping off one of the boards with the spine of his camp knife. A load "POP" and a loosened board revealed a dusted over window.


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