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Children's Magical Fantasy Books: Wilkin’s Tooth by Diana Wynne Jones

Updated on August 4, 2012

Are you a huge Harry Potter fan? Irrespective of age, do you just love children’s books with a spoonful of magic faery dust and a goblin or three? If so, then you may well already have discovered the wonders and delights of the works of Diana Wynne Jones. And you certainly have a phenomenal treat in store if her work is new to you. And not one that will run out any time soon! Don't you hate it when you discover a new writer, love their work – and then find out that they've only written two or three books, and take five years to produce the next? No danger of that with Wynne Jones – she's like a machine, and has been producing lots and lots of truly amazing kids' books for years.

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Get Your Own Back With Diana Wynne Jones

Wilkin’s Tooth is one of her earlier works, and you may find that it is out of print should you go looking for it. Wynne Jones is a prophet shockingly unappreciated in her own time! Its main protagonists are Frank and Jessica, a pair of siblings who are frankly tired of being permanently skint and in hock till their next pocket-money day. So they devise a foolproof money-making scheme – Own-Back Ltd. I guess the explanation is in the name – they offer revenge of their own devising to anyone willing to pay a fee.

As might be expected, this new business venture doesn't go entirely smoothly. In fact it gets them in considerable trouble both with the local bully and the boy he wants revenge against. But none of that compares to getting tangled up with the local witch...

Magic, Mystery and 'Naughty' Words

But witches don't exist. Do they? Frank and Jessica start to wonder, and as they wonder their magical mysterious adventure just becomes more tangled and troublesome...

One of the principal charms of this lovely book is the language and verbal wordplay used, especially when 'colourful' language comes into play. After reading it, you may find that Wynne Jone's preferred euphemisms and innocent yet naughty oaths start showing up in your everyday conversation. Don't worry, you won't shock anyone (although you may puzzle them!)

It illustrates very clearly the feuds, alliances, rivalries and fury against percieved 'enemies' that are characteristic of childhood. And then it goes on to show that this often merely continues into adult life...

It's a funny, serious, magical, comical, delightful read of a book. I can whole-heartedly recommmend it: Wynne Jones is a writer many times superior to the over-rated likes of J.K. Rowling, and you won't regret reading this lovely book to your kids. Or just reading it yourself!


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