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Will It Ever End?

Updated on May 16, 2011


Victoria led a quiet life. She was young and trying desperately to survive on her own. At the tender age of 18 she had moved out of her parent's house in search of a better life for herself. Victoria wanted to live in a house with no rules, no curfew, no chores. Victoria had a high school diploma but decided not to attend college. She was ready to enter the workforce and support herself.

Victoria met the task of decorating her apartment with open arms. After all, this was her place and she yearned to see her sense of style in her apartment. Victoria hit every resale shop that she could find in search of items to make her apartment beautiful. She wanted her apartment to be an inviting place for her guests as well. Victoria planned to have many social gatherings at her apartment. She was a very social person with a zest for life.

Victoria had some co-workers over to her apartment for a Friday night party. The party quickly turned dead and unappealing to those in attendance. So, the party left her apartment and headed to the local pub. It took Victoria a few minutes to get ready to leave because she needed to make sure that the lights were turned off, the patio door was shut and locked, and lastly that her apartment door was secured. Victoria assured her friends that she would be right behind them.

Victoria had fun at the bar with her co-workers. They laughed, drank, sang some karaoke, and played some pool. The night was filled with excitement and entertainment for those in attendance. Victoria truly loved her co-workers. They shared the same zest for life as she did. It was wonderful being around people who were so much like herself thought Victoria.

Victoria was tired when she returned back to her apartment at almost 3 am. It was with tired eyes that she tried to make sense of the mess that she saw when she walked in and turned on the lights. NO, was Victoria's first reaction to the sight she saw in her destroyed living room. There were smashed beer bottles everywhere. All of her personal belongings were strewn around the living room haphazardly. Victoria had worked so hard getting her apartment in order and now she was in complete disbelief at the mess that she was viewing.

Victoria called the police to report the burglary. She waited for the police to arrive for what seemed like an eternity. Victoria was relieved when the police finally arrived to her shattered apartment. She tried to see the police officer through her tears but it seemed an impossible feat.

The patio door was ajar. How could this happen? Did Victoria shut the patio door and lock it before she left her apartment? She was certain that she had. Victoria did have a couple of drinks containing alcohol before leaving her apartment. Did the alcohol inhibit her ability to think? Is that why she inadvertently left her patio door unlocked?

Work was difficult for Victoria on Monday. It was all that she could do just to get through her day. Victoria had an abundant amount of anxiety about returning to her apartment after work. The events of the weekend kept playing in her mind.

Victoria stopped by the grocery store on her way home from work that evening. She only needed to pick up a few things. Her food seemed to last forever since she was living by herself. When Victoria went back to her car after grocery shopping her car wouldn't start. Seriously? A dead battery, perhaps? Right about now Victoria wished that she would have signed up for some type of roadside assistance but unfortunately she hadn't. Victoria was stranded now and all alone!

What was Victoria going to do? She thought that maybe she could call one of her co-workers and they could come and pick her up. What was Victoria going to do now for transportation? She had no clue about how to even begin to fix a car that wouldn't start. Victoria decided to call one of her co-workers and ask for a ride home.

The only thing that Victoria knew to do was to have her car towed to a garage and have them look at it. How much was that going to cost her? Victoria wasn't exactly getting rich off of her job. She had rent that had to get paid every month. Victoria also had other expenses such as a car payment, car insurance, a phone bill, and credit card bills. She knew that the tow truck bill was going to be devastating to her monthly budget. Victoria also had to worry about how much it was going to cost to fix her car.

An 18 year old struggling to survive on her own. That was the story of Victoria's life. Money was incredibly tight these days for her. Victoria had to make every penny stretch out to the maximum. After her bills were paid each month she barely had enough money to buy groceries. The repair bill on her car wasn't as bad as Victoria thought that it was going to be. The tow truck bill was not cheap but she managed to pay it.

Victoria wished that all of these atrocities encircling her life would just stop!


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