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Will to Move

Updated on June 7, 2011

Will to Move

Tony DeLorger © 2011

It is but me the lesser of two evils that beckons you,

implores you to my will, the nature of inaction.

Strike as you may, the reckless abandon of fate,

or surrender to the abstinence of deed.

Impartiality the numbing tranquiliser,

imbuing life with ambivalence,

and in the end, carelessness.

The shrouded fear of action takes

pity on the bewildered soul,

stuck in the glutinous mud of indecision,

limbs barely dragging, lifeless.

Hiding behind a wall of doubt and wallowing

in the void, it is a fitting place for folly.

Yet here we remain.

When fear dictates our course,

we are glued to inaction as surely as action bites.

But the bite is simply change,

unwilling as we are to accept it.

Without action there is no course, no change,

no experience and no growth.

Without action there is nothing.


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