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Will you marry me

Updated on June 2, 2010

I wanted to be a Medical Doctor and believed that nothing would stop me from attaining this dream so i had total concentration with my studies, my hubby was just reading and at a tender age, i could read and read the whole day.

My Parents were highly supportive of me and being the only child was a factor which made me my Parent’s pet as Dad made sure that i lacked nothing. I was very close with Mum and there is no doubt about the unconditional love she has for me. To me, just like the Bible said “Obey your Parents”.

My own Parents were my everything...

I was with Uncle Duke at the airport that morning waiting for Mum and Dad, they had gone on vacation to India, i would have gone with them but i had midterm examination to take so Dad promised me that i would travel to States with him after my exams, couple of minutes to their scheduled time of arrival, we were notified by the airliner that the plane from Mumbai was delayed. Two hours of waiting anxiously for my parent’s arrival was full of anxiety and worries.

Uncle Duke woke me up because i slept off on the coach and as we walked into the airline office and seeing the worries in some of the people told me immediately that something was definitely wrong. I was right with my imaginations, they were all people waiting for their loved ones but to be honest, i did not understood what the man on suit said so seeing Uncle scream was surprising to me, there was shouts everywhere and people began crying, i did not understood what was going on but the man was right “Airbus 113 from Mumbai had been hijacked by terrorists”.

My Parents were among the terrified passengers on board the aircraft though we were informed that things were under control as the relevant authority was in negotiations with the Hijackers. At 14yrs,i knew that such a scenario was dangerous then five hours after  this whole drama began, my innocent heart was broken as we got the broken news life on the television ; Airbus 113 from Mumbai had crashed into the Atlantic.

The news was everywhere and the atmosphere at the airport was disturbing, the whole country went into grief for the death of the 120 people on board the aircraft but what can i do as we bitterly left the airport? Tough there was a search for the remains of the passengers but my Parents were never found. That plane crash was also the crash of my dreams and aspirations as Uncle Duke who was the only family member to take care of me deserted me, he sold my Parent’s house and turned me into a slave barely two months after the deaths of my Parents.

Losing my Parents was losing everything in life, there was no longer Mum’s pure smiles which was filled with purity and comfort, no longer Dad’s voice which commands my attitudes and the only place i was suppose to get comfort from became my nightmare so running away from home if actually Uncle Duke’s place was  one became my only option. I ran away from home and ended up in the street, no one cared for me and Uncle never bothered about my whereabout so i found refuge in the street and sleeping under the bridge gave me comfort though it was dangerous out in the street especially at night but i found love among other street kids and we were just one big abandoned family.

We scavenged all the dumps in the country for survival, our food was from the wastes in the bins and the scraps we sometimes come upon in the dumps were our main source of income as we trade on copper wires and aluminium products so what we really do was to pick electrical wires from the dump, burn them and get copper wire which we sell for as little as 20cents per kilo and it takes about a month of scavenging to get one kilo of copper. I was in the street for three years until i met George, he was older than me and feared among everyone in the street, we all looked up to him so when he told me about the ship to Europe, it never crossed my mind that he would be lying. He told me of his friends that worked inside the ship and how they would help us get to Europe.

Everybody has a dream no matter where you are so i believed George and just like he said, we go to the port that day at exactly 3am and with the help of few boys, we boarded the ship and were hidden inside the cargo compartment of the ship, there was the four of us, we all paid thirty Dollars to be on board and our destination was simply Europe, to me Europe was Europe, the white man’s country which is made of roses and opportunities, i never knew that Europe was a continent but even if it was, all i knew was that i was heading to search for a greener pasture.

Now fifteen days sailing the ocean with no regular food and water but our faiths remained our strengths throughout the twenty eight days it took us to reach Spain. Honestly, i didn’t know how it happened but George woke me up in the middle of the night around 2am and we began walking and climbing from one section of the ship to the other until we finally reached the last Passenger’s cabin. There, we met one man dressed like an officer, i mean a custom or maybe one of the coast guards, he handed us uniforms to put on and badges with names to wear then matched us out from the ship into a waiting taxi, the taxi drove us out from the dock yard and we travelled for three hours until we reached a particular town or rather city then he stopped right inside a big house.

We were welcomed by the house owner who was in his thirties, though he spoke little English but i could understand whatever he said, he showed us into a tiny room which already accommodated couple of boys and girls, i slept the whole day and had dreams about my Parents, i saw Mum on her wedding dress and Dad playing hide and seek with me, it looked real but i woke up to face my new life and real dream. George told me that all arrangements had been made as we would begin work the next day. I still do not know where on Earth he got his contacts but all was going as he said as we were driven to the plantation the next morning to pick grapes, tomatoes and oranges.

Toiling under the cold weather was difficult but i love the faces around me and i do not have to scavenge for copper but to plug orange and grapes. To me, it was a profession; we worked from Sunday to Sunday though we always had two free males. Two weeks in the Plantation were my best weeks since the death of my Parents and to crown it all, i was handed over a currency note by George that evening after work, it was my wage for two weeks and i could not believe it. Fernandez must be a generous man i thought, he gave us free accommodations, free males and now wages. “May God bless this man for me”.

Though we were not allowed to go out, it was always from home to work and back home but the television showed me what the country looked like, there was nothing to complain about, unlike when i was with Uncle Duke but here i am a free boy and not a slave, there were no commands, no lashes and no threats of cutting my pennies should i fail to wash the car before 5am every morning and to crown it all, we were all being paid for the work we do so the nine months so far in the plantation was a joyful one and my past was already behind me because i knew that someday, i will go home and not just that, i will go home with money, yes i have to save my money for my future. I think i am highly family oriented perhaps it was the only thing i got from my Late father.

Four years of lab our in the plantation made me strong and George had been like a brother to me, honestly he was my god, an idol and the Angel i read about in the bible, what would my life be without George? I mean he was the super man so when he came that evening and told me that we needed to leave the plantation because we were been used by Fernandez, i saw no reason to object him though i was happy and had never felt used but George is the Boss.

Seeking asylum with the government was like taking up an Insurance and a resident permit in Spain so we stayed back that evening after work, we dodged the bus back from the plantation and had to walk five hours to get to the city, it was just terrible but we had all our money on us and finally we made it to our destination, VALENCIA. There were lights everywhere though it was early morning, sounds of life and different kind of air was the first thing i noticed, it was like freedom when we entered into the club and met Edward. Believe me, i have had couple of buzz in my life but that night was a different night, a night i saw whites girls dancing naked all over me, this was to my worst imagination because i had only seen such a thing in movies but here i am in the mist of free people.

It was a Sunday so Edward took us to his apartment early in the morning and there we met Mr Flores who was suppose to take us to the United Nation’s office the next day and the fact is this, we have to tell them that we just arrived in Spain, no relatives, friends or anywhere to stay and that we escaped the brutality of the Militants back home in Rwanda. Everything went well as we were taken to the camp and after the interview; we were given free medications and check up by the United Nation’s medical team. Life in the camp was a different one because as asylum seekers, our movements were controlled by the law though we were allowed to go to the city but there were minor restrictions, the cash bonus from the United Nation was a mighty piece of cake for me.

Three months in the camp was like a vacation for me though i didn’t mind if i should remain in the camp for the rest of my life because the bonus by the United Nation was more than a minimum wage to me but since my asylum had been granted, i need to go and take up work in the city so that was how i got a work as a cleaner in Cafe Enrique . I later rented a one bedroom apartment with my guru George and also found a second job which i did at night because in Spain, you have to combine energies for survival so working in the cafe during the day and as a bouncer at the club was a sound combination and soon the dividends began to manifest in my bank account. Happiness as far as i am concerned was my best friend at that point but there was actually something missing; My Parents.

Feeling like a human being is easy because once you are happy, you are alive but the fact is that i have never felt anything for any girl until the day i saw Nora. I mean, being a virgin with a broken heart at twenty one were all burnt to ash in my soul the very minute i set my eyes on her, she was like a star that fell from the sky or an Angel missing in heaven, a beauty who seems to be wearing the queen’s crown as i watched her walked majestically into her office. I had never in my life felt the way i felt for her though i have never talked to a girl before but i knew that i have to talk to her, i need to express my feelings and there was nothing, absolutely nothing to stop me so the surprise she displayed when i entered her office proved to me that the sky is for the star.

I didn’t have a second thought about it and i needed no George for directives this time, i mean like the stars above and the moon that shines at night is my love for her and this song by Marco.... “Te Estranyo mucho solo por sin ti” could best describe my feelings.

Though she felt reluctant and unease because it was not common for Spanish girls to date black guys but something starts from somewhere and somebody has to set an example. All my life, i have learned to take things the way they come, one need not to fight with fate or fast and pray for a destined dream to come true so as far as i know, Nora was my night in Armour.

She was the manager in the Cafe and in her twenties, has her own car and apartment. She welcomed my expression though she wanted to be my friend but dating me was out of the question. We actually became friends and she always greeted me every time she came to work. I did not see her at work for two days so upon inquiry, i learned that she was hospitalized after sustaining a broken leg in a car accident. My world crashed when i heard the news and i immediately left for the hospital. And seeing her on the hospital bed with bandages all over her and a POP on her leg dejected my spirit, i could not hold my tears as i fell on my knees and cried to God. First, it was my parents then George, i didn’t mention this earlier. Anyway, George was attacked by a group of white boys who beat and stabbed him to death; it was simply a racial attack and now i am about losing the brightest thing in my life .

The Doctors and Nurses were perplexed at my reaction, it was not common and being a black guy crying over an injured white girl was a kind of Hollywood drama to them, i sat on the bed and scrolled her hair, touching her head was like touching God himself and i was more than happy the minute she opened her eyes and smiled at me, this song by west life Season in the sun was just playing in my heart and i never knew that i was actually singing it aloud perhaps that was the reason for her irresistible smiles. I knew that getting up from the bed that night would never happen and there was no way i would leave the hospital , i watched her throughout the night and fed her the next morning before going to work. My routine changed throughout the one month she spent in the hospital, i was just there for her.

We became closer after she was discharged from the hospital but the truth was that i knew it in my heart that she will not change her mind to date me though having her as a close friend was like winning a Jackpot but the least i got from her was “Gracias”. Thank you was all i got for everything i did but to me, it was still much okay because i was sometimes invited over to her place for dinner, which is an element of being friends.

Destiny has its own way, luck and blessings are two different things as we later became very good friends and this song by CoCo Lee “Wherever you go” could best describe us because we were always in the company of each other and our descent friendship was growing and flowing like the strong water in the Atlantic. We cherished every given day, the sunset and sunshine were actually for us so it was not surprising when she walked up to me that morning, it was my birthday and kissed my forehead, gave me a wrapped little box, i knew that it was a ring inside it, maybe a golden or a silver ring but to my disbelief as i unwrapped the first Birthday gift i have received after ten years of my parent’s death, what a surprise? It was a Car key.

A Car for my birthday, a Car from the lady who has captivated my heart, i don’t know what to say but it all depends on how you define love so the moment she opened her mouth before i could say Thank you and asked me if i actually loved her was the defining moment of my life.

If i actually love her? To me, she was my everything, i mean she was the stars and the moon, an answer to my prayer and i have proven my unconditional love to her in every way besides i was even ready to give up my life for her to live if the situation ever arise, every day i woke up was for her so what else should i do to show her that i actually meant it when i said that i love her? Of course, there was no second thought because my response to her question was kneeling on my knees and handing her my own birthday gift for her and with one simple question...

Will you marry me?

The news of our wedding was talk of the town and those who never believed in Black and White saw with their blind eyes and even heard with their deaf ears that the dump spoke about our wedding, it was simply a dream come true because no matter what happens, what will be will be and the arrival of our first daughter roughly a year after one wedding brought in light into our family. I had saved enough and my wife was highly supportive of me so i went back to school and saw my shattered dream come true.

Each time i look at my wife, i see a star on her fore head and the song Endless love by Tina Turner could best describe what we both feel for each other. I told my wife my life story sometimes during our courtship and she told me that God doesn’t sleep nor slumber, he makes ways where there seems to be no way, you see she is right and it manifested in my life the day we officially opened the doors of our private hospital. As of my Uncle, i forgave him because without his disappointment, i wouldn’t have being who i am today.

Dr Tim Robinson, married to Mrs Nora Robinson (the most beautiful woman in the world) and father of Adna and George (Jnr) Robinson.

This story is dedicated to the sweet memory of my friend Late Mr George Williams.

Boy, I will be missing you...
Boy, I will be missing you...


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    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      8 years ago from Nigeria

      Barr Emeka, thanks for your comment...sure God will always see us tru.

    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      8 years ago from Nigeria

      Obiajulu, you are one of the funniest guys i have ever come in contact with though you have your eyes on the ball all the time yet i pray for you every day..They will live for you to create History cos ur destiny is not the same with Tim's...

      Bro Micky Dee, glad to see you home,so nice to have your support once again...Peace!!!

      Sa`ge this is one aspect of life which most of us do not understand but for me, life goes on...Thanks for your support.

    • Sa`ge profile image


      8 years ago from Barefoot Island

      most beautiful story, the negative things are lessons for us to learn from and brings great gifts to our life if we have right attitude to learn them, your story tells of this so beautifully. thank you Rossiemobis, Blessings to you! ~aloha~

    • profile image

      Barr chukwuemeka Nnamdi Igweonu 

      8 years ago

      Life is full of ups and down,. All one need is to stand tall in the Lord and he will see us through even in the darkest hour. May the Good lord always guide and protect us always.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      8 years ago

      Thanks Rossi for remembering! How does existing love go to non-existing love? I don't see that happening. Thank you Sir!

    • profile image

      Obiajulu Ikechukwu Sam 

      8 years ago

      Truly disappointments elevate us....The Robin would not be have been popular among Birds if it were not the smallest...Tim I believe would never be the (1st maybe blackman to marry the most beautiful Spaniard in the world) if His parents did not die...But let my own not die for create history. Cheers


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