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Windows in my Mind

Updated on October 4, 2010

The rain drops hit me in the head again,
I swear I could make her more than just a friend,
No life is the best that is nothing but true,
Unless that one special girl comes n saves you,

From all the hate and the ones who discriminate,
Like I'm boy wonder but I never want to make the date,
Brought upon me 'cause I know she don't want me,
I'm just another pessimistic dude that's falling,

Falling way high from the clouds in the sky,
I just had a dream and guess what Ima die,
Standing in the rain watch this world pass me by,
I'm nothing but a loner with nothing more to hide,

I write I scream and jump the beat,
Like one piece of music stuck on repeat,
I need her now please be mine,
Or else I'm stuck in this world looking for a girl to find...

[Windows in my Mind,
Windows in my Mind,
Got a lot of Windows,
Windows in my Mind,]


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