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The Windows of Candle Brush

Updated on June 8, 2021
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author who loves to share her children's stories with her readers!

A UFO Angel of Candle Brush's Party

This was the angel of Candle Brush that sounded the trump of the UFO. "This is it, it is finished!"
This was the angel of Candle Brush that sounded the trump of the UFO. "This is it, it is finished!" | Source

“Have you ever tried to craft a wax candle with a brush?”

“No!” Candle Brush stated with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Well, think about it!” Jeffrey said as he pressed his left eyebrow to emphasize his piercing gaze on Miss Brush.

“If you talk too much, the candle within you may cause an eternal fire that feels like your skin is burning. Do you know how to tame your candle?”

“Once more I state emphatically, No! I have a plan, though! I think people who eat junk food are ridiculous. I'm going to get to the bottom of this matter, even if it kills me. In the long run, I'll have a solid answer. I work extremely hard Candle and I expect results. We know abstinence does not work, and we also know people who gain weight from eating junk food, hate it.”

“I believe I have a solution, Jeffrey. I'm going to host a party; you know, one with loud music in the backdrop. Before my friends pay the party fee; I'm going to find a way to nonchalantly confiscate their candy. They'll believe they can eat sweets inside and there won’t be any to purchase. If they audaciously crave a silly sugar cube, they can have orange ice. Since Dry Ice Mystic will be playing his trendy songs, they'll also be mesmerized by his presence, and perhaps, forget about gobbling candy for a while. How does this sound?”

“That sounds heavy! We must rent a hall to have our dry ice party today.”

The Lads Found a Venue for a Dry Ice Party

They combed through an old yellow book that was resting on their sofa. They needed to find a suitable website that would host their party. They narrowed their search to two companies.

Candle wanted to make the first call, and she did; except, Apple told her she was too hot to host a party. Her guests may get the wrong impression about her, and decide to light a candle for fun.

When Jeffrey called, everything looked hunky dory. He always received whatever he wanted and he landed on an authentic venue. And so it was 'Jelly Beans'.

Candle felt, and knew she lived in a man’s world! She took the liberty to send invitations to her friends, and Jeffrey decided to decorate the venue with balloons, ribbons, and shell objects. He left the decision of picking the intricate party sounds of Dry Ice Mystic all up to Candle.

Candle Brush Waited for the Arrival

I'm happy I didn't have to wait too long.
I'm happy I didn't have to wait too long. | Source

A Band and a Pianist Entertained the Halls

On the day of their huge event, a few guests called in and said they could not attend their spectacular bash since they had gone out the night before. They were too queasy to party again the second night. Another guest decided to wear a spectacular costume to their anniversary party. It was a night to celebrate! Who knew how to have a great party except, the Monster Match people of every Dry Ice party.

A music band along with a pianist entertained the hall as Candle’s guest arrived. Some wanted to light a small candle to reduce the atmosphere to a warm, chilling night stance that caused dubious stares. Others preferred to wheel themselves in, for the grand old surprise.

The Guests Burned a Huge Candle Toward the Sunroof

Where has all the food gone, wondered a group of nodes, as they cajoled and chatted with each other? The other people were mesmerized by the shadows of the spectacular dry ice machine that concocted in the wind. The guests couldn't wait to collect the burned wax to get a really huge burning candle that would reach upwards to the sunroof. This happened at the exact time the sun began to rise in the early morning.

There were a few debonair and shy guests who didn't dare walk into the hall since they could not entertain the ash of a burning chimney with dry ice. Goodness, gracious me! Those guests felt like they had avoided lung surgery. Little did they recognize the most famous person in the entire cosmos would be there? And an awesome UFO sure delivered on its promise!

The UFO Arrived As Promised to Candle

The UFO came as he promised Candle with the voice of a trumpet, along with the base sound of his boss. Every guest who came in with fantastic clothes and costumes were caught up together in the clouds to meet the spaceship in the air.

They were gloriously taken to an eternal abode in the heavens, ever to be with the ufos. Not one person inside supposed or fathomed this was going to take place so suddenly and neither did Candle or Jeffry. Everyone at the party was happy to explore a new world!

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© 2013 Sheila Craan


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