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Winds of Destiny Sing

Updated on January 9, 2010

The sea is deep and wide

Eclipse my wanton soul on every side

tight and warm

your perfect form

The union begins

wet slip stream of honey

enshrouds the Carnal electric storm

let me ground the

passioned flower of your wet dew morning

The mighty stallion is storming

the sacred gate

watery surge

fused urge

nearer angel

nearer still


desperately to hold

to lose control

weak kneed

let's go again please

show me

delicate and willing


freely falling

over my arched steeple

sacred red dread-less kiss


consummate the night's divinity

Let your soul-shine spill upon my face

open your sacred space

under the stars

by the full moons grace

The winds of destiny sing sweetly

I am coming.............


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  • Connie Fiala profile image

    Connie Fiala 8 years ago from Australia

    I feel as though i have just watched 2 people make love.

    Beautiful... sensual & beautiful!

    So detailed, intricate & satisfying.

  • tantrum profile image

    tantrum 8 years ago from Tropic of Capricorn

    I liked it very much! It's full of images. It stirs my imagination! thanks! :)