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Wings and Tiaras + Wave Us On - HubPage Blackout Poetry

Updated on November 8, 2011

Wings and Tiaras

Wings and Tiaras

Now I am up.

I run, walk, run.

It's good.

I do not need wings

and tiaras.

Oh irony...

This Hubpage Blackout poem turned out to be a bit ironic, because I actually did run a race in wings and a tiara. Not kidding. I have photo documentation to prove it (see side photo). Now what in the world would compel me to run a race in wings and tiara?

The race was a half marathon held at Disneyland in California, where it is fairly common for people to get into the Disney spirit while running. Runners typically dress up in princess costumes, pirate costumes, or they at least don some Mickey or Minnie ears. Disney characters wave on the runners along the race route and runners can step out for a quick photo op with their favorite characters.

Disneyland Half Marathon, mile 3 (ish).
Disneyland Half Marathon, mile 3 (ish).

My friend and I decided we needed all the extra help we could get to make it the whole 13.1 miles to the finish line. We decided Tinkerbell wings were our best bet of accomplishing this. There were various places along the race route where spectators could come up to the runners and wave them on.

Our friends and family met us at one of these points about 3 miles into the race so we could ditch our fairy wings and tiaras if we wanted to, which we did. At that point we felt confident that our training and preparation for the half marathon would get us to the finish line in one piece, which it did.

So, it turned out that we did not need wings and tiaras after all!

Wave Us On

Wave Us On

The whole thing was a blur.

I told Luck

to wave us on

at the end of the song.

Take Two

Instead of using one article for one HubPage Blackout poem, I thought it would be interesting to create two HubPage Blackout poems using the same article. Which is exactly what I did in this case. So, this is the second Blackout poem I wrote using another part of the same article from the Blackout poem, Wings and Tiaras, shown above.

This poem proved to be particularly hard to put together, for whatever reason. I probably spent twice as much time on this one, as I have on my previous HubPage Blackout poems. I like the way I was able to use the word "Luck" to make it sound like it had the human-like capacity to "wave us on".

Gotta love personification. I'll have to try more of that in future poems.


Anyway... I like this poem because it makes me think of those rare times you find yourself in one of those monumental dances we have during our lives, like prom, the first dance at your wedding, etc. To me, speaker in the poem is retelling one such instance.

For me, Wave Us On has a tone of excitement, anticipation, and hope. The people in the poem seem to not need "Luck" anymore, even if they may have needed it before, when the speaker says "I told Luck to wave us on at the end of the song" as if the speaker feels confident enough in his/her future now that they don't need "Luck" anymore.

Stay tuned for more HubPage Blackout poetry!


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    • profile image

      ezootb 6 years ago

      I love these two poems and your connecting them together. I get the feeling that you don't need luck anymore.