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Winking And Blinking We trod.

Updated on January 21, 2012

Winking, and Blinking We Trod!



The lizard blinks
and the fly escapes,
as hunger haunts his day.

The soldier blinks
and his visions clear,
then his bullet finds his prey.

The lady winks
and new love is born,
it's a signal he's okay,
then they're off to share
many nights of bliss,
from the needs her eye's conveyed.

The everlashing movements
that our blinking eyes display,
are just countless actions rendered
as we move about each day.

The orphan blinks
and a teardrop falls
it's a call for a mothers love.
When the heavens blink
they set raindrops loose
tumbling down from high above.

Sarah Palin winked

like a spaz in heat

at her great O eight debates,

hoping she would be elected

from her very frigid state...

alas it looked more trailer trash

from a overly candid date

When God blinks,
earth itself blinks back,
opening in fissured cracks,
as the natives lose
their lives and homes
in one of nature's violent acts.

The eyes find rest
beneath the blinks
as the tear ducts work to cleanse
the dust and dirt of daily use,
from each pupil and each lens.

Even in our dreams we blink in awe,
at the strange worlds we explore,
till our final blinks

when we all will sink
into death forevermore.


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