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Batman Vs Wolverine

Updated on November 26, 2015

DC Vs Marvel

Welcome! Today in Fantasy Fight, Batman from DC Comics squares off against Marvel's Wolverine. We'll analyze their abilities, skills, and tactics and decide who will emerge victorious!


History and Analysis: Batman

Bruce Wayne, orphaned as a young boy, finds fulfillment in life through his deeds as the Caped Crusader, Batman. What Wayne lacks in actual superhuman abilities, he makes up for with cunning, incredible physical conditioning, gadgets, and intellect. Often aided by sidekicks Robin and Batgirl, Wayne defends Gotham against the likes of Bane, Poison Ivy, the Riddler, the Penguin, and the Joker.

1. Willpower. Batman proves day after day that nothing can break his will. Villains escape, friends are murdered, unimaginable pain endured - yet Batman never yields. Thankfully, Batman typically triumphs against evil by utilizing his..

2. Brain: This broad category includes all of Batman's intellectual capabilities. Whether its his detective skills, photographic memory, knowledge of technology and sciences, or tactical genius, his biggest threat to crime may come from his mind rather than his fists. Of course, one wouldn't want to mess with those, considering his incredible..

3. Brawn: Batman shows amazing strength, dexterity, and technique. He can bench at least 1000 pounds, catch arrows mid flight, and surpass even Olympic athletes in competition. Additionally, Batman has mastered over 100 different martial arts. He can pummel criminals to a pulp, but often disables them through use of his..

4. Technology. Batman's Batsuit allows for gliding capabilities, guards against bullets, insulates from heat, and more. Additionally, his utility belt holds a plethora of high tech weaponry, such as Batarangs (throwing knives), a grappling hook, smoke bombs, and toxins. Speaking of smoke bombs, did you know Batman excels with ..

5. Stealth. A master of darkness and disguise, Batman blends into the shadows to strike at the right time. Little terrifies lawbreakers more than knowing Batman is there - but being unable to see him.

1. He's only human : Batman possesses no actual superhuman abilities.

2. Psychotic? : Many believe Batman treads dangerously close to becoming the evil he fights against. And let's face it, a man who takes in a cow and trains it to fight crime may need your psychiatrist's number :

Batman packs a serious punch, but will it be enough to save him from the savage mutant fighting machine, Wolverine?


History and Analysis: Wolverine

Born as James Howlett, but often known as Logan, Wolverine's troubled past and status as a mutant eventually guide him to the X-Men, led by Charles Xavier. Through this team of persecuted superhumans, Logan finds a way to use his powers to protect mankind. Although "protect" may often entail slicing enemies with his razor sharp claws, Logan has a kind heart hidden under his gruff exterior.

1. Mutant Powers. Wolverine can extend three claws from each of his hands to attack opponents. Some versions of the character have the claws made from bone, but typically they're constructed of adamantium: a fictional and incredibly durable metal in the Marvel Universe. Additionally, Wolverine possesses exceptionally fast regenerative capabilities, and has been known to recover from gunshots within minutes. His mutant powers also allow enhanced agility, reflexes, sense of smell, and slow aging. Wolverine wears no armor, but he doesn't need to with his durable adamantium skeleton. However, this mutant's knack for combat doesn't all stem from his mutant abilities, thanks to..

2. Technique/Training. Wolverine has mastered most known forms of combat. His slow aging combined with a background as a soldier and government operative provided the perfect opportunity to expand his aptitude for battle. He is trained with weapons, killing techniques, vehicles, and explosives. And though Wolverine can act hotheaded, his experience allows him to locate and exploit enemy weaknesses.

1. Temper. Logan has a tendency to fly into a rage and lose control of his emotions.

2. Range. Logan can quickly close in on opponents, which somewhat nullifies this weakness, but he cannot fly and typically cannot attack from a distance.

Clearly, Logan is a force to be reckoned with. But will he make mincemeat of Batman, or will he fall to Gotham's dark knight?


Each combatant will fight in a one-on-one match that ends when a participant is killed, rendered helpless, or surrenders. No vehicles are allowed, so no Batmobile or X-Jets will be factored in. And now, for all fans, Fantasy Fight!

Who Should Win?

After reading each hero's strengths, who do you think should win the fight?

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And The Winner Is..

In a close match, Batman barely triumphs against Wolverine.
Wolverine is faster than Batman, is willing to kill, and can quickly recover from injury with his healing factor. Additionally,Wolverine's advanced senses of hearing and smell render much of Batman's stealth useless. So how did Wolverine lose? During the skirmish, Batman quickly realizes his physical disadvantage, and he thus relies on his vast arsenal to pull him through. His grapple gun and gliding capabilities can help keep distance while he selects the right weapon and opportunity. Be it a toxin, an electronic shock, or a controlled explosion, eventually Logan falls unconsciousness before being able to close in and land the coup de grace he needs. Wolverine's claws and healing factor served him well, but ultimately were futile against the Dark Knight.

Hope you enjoyed today's clash. Come back for our next battle!

The Batman wins this round
The Batman wins this round


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