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And the winner is you

Updated on March 7, 2014

It is a very special day, special because the world was about to witness a race that nobody had ever witnessed. 60 million participants from everywhere have gathered to participate in this race. It’s like thrice the population of Australia or twice of that of Canada there, to run this race with one aim, to be that single winner. So that was it, millions of people waiting for the horn to honk and start. The race is extraordinary. It’s a long marathon, a marathon where you need to run for 72 hours as fast as you can and of course nonstop if you want to win. Every racer was here to give their best shot, to give whatever they had to become that winner. Everybody there was programmed for it, nature itself had programmed them to be running to win. The race is also a bit unusual because out of millions only one would be the winner and the rest of those who couldn’t make it would have to die. It sounds cruel but the law of nature of this place is such, either you win or you die and yet millions had tried their luck and died already, unknown forever. A very few lucky ones indeed had won and were declared the winners of this majestic race. And once they own this race they were given a chance to LIVE. That was the prize of the race. “LIFE” itself was the purpose of this race. It seems like the nature itself would discard the millions for this one winner who is the strongest, brilliantly fast with supernatural survival instincts to live and to flourish. So finally the horn honked after two huge masses of matter with life collided, a massive energy released and fired the signals…. Now, the race had begun


The race in itself was not an easy one. Lots of obstacles come on way, acids and floods and a lot of unknown animals who could feed on them easily. These racers would not just have to run but also protect themselves from these hurdles and if were unable to, they simply die before they reach their destination. After hours of exhaustion, they reach their destination which is of course an unknown place for them, a lot of them could very easily get lost too. And now as they reach there, they themselves have to search for their reward. If they couldn’t, this whole race would not mean anything. And in search of it, they got to dig in and dig in for hours and hours as long as 24 hours till they finally meet the reward of the race. Than something very meaningful would happen. Nobody would have run this race if the reward wasn’t meaningful, isn’t it? So the one who runs the fastest, who digs the fastest and who reaches the reward first would be declared winner. Out of 60 millions, and approximately after 72 hours of long and exhausting race, the winner has been decided. That’s how winners are made. Winning is not easy unless your desire to win is highest than the rest of others, isn't it?


Now I want to you Imagine from wherever you are, whoever you are, take away exactly the half of you for whatever you are made of now. Take away the half of your body and the half of your mind of whatever it is made of. Out of trillions of cells that we are now, you know, we humans actually have evolved from a single cell. And the real story actually begins even before that. The story of this race that I mentioned above actually comes from there when you were not even that single cell, you were the half of it. Truly speaking, all of you have won this race when you were that little half. Right now, that is in you, every half of your cells has it and if I have to be precise, it is exactly the half of what you are now. And in that half cell life, we all, whoever is reading this and whoever is not doesn’t even matters, is once declared the winner and is awarded a beautiful gift called "life" and from that life you, me and everybody begun. Whatever you are now comes from there. The reward that you got was the next half of yourselves that makes a total of what you are now. And in that half cell you were the winner. In a normal human ejaculation, from 60 million to as far as 150 million of half cells like us are released in a very hostile environment and the race for the infinite begins, the reward being the infinite too, i.e. the LIFE that we are living now. And in this race, you, me and everybody, who is living here already has all the qualities of a winner,that is to say, the strongest, the smartest and the fastest, and that is the only reason how we could make it till here because we had it better than the rest of 59.99 million who couldn't make it. We were given this chance to be here by this winner who is within us from so early that you can't even remember. So it’s always fascinating for me to know that we started, in our tiniest form, the biggest race of our lives and yet we won and our very existence proves it.

But in life I know, so many of us: you, me and a lot out there have been called losers time and time again, which, a lot of us actually have believed in it. The winner has been annihilated. But for all, what I know is, its time to wake up NOW. Let us all cut the crap, let us come out from the trap, and dive within to seek this half of ourselves, who has always helped us to win, because it does not know how not to not win. It has been residing within us even before we created our own being, waiting silently when it would be called upon again.In the beginning it was single but NOW, there are trillions times trillions of cells in your body and the half of each of these cells belongs to it. So you can imagine how much bigger and stronger has it become already, but it's in a dormant state waiting to be awakened once again. The connections has to be explored, the answers that are missing has to be answered, the brokens links be repaired and once the connection has been established, you, I and they will all know that everybody here are the winners. There never was actually any losing at all, and if you had ever experienced losing, it was because you somehow got disconnected with this winner within.


And you know, after the half of ours found the next half of ours, it is awesome to see how beautifully they have worked together to create us. Cell by cell, these two half cells created the total of us of what we are now. It’s a miracle that we started our journey from half to one to hundreds to thousands and millions, billions and trillions and now we are here reading about the amazing journey that we have made. And this all started with a majestic win in a majestic race, and our creation had begun than.

So my friends, let’s find our winners within, that is so innate in us. Everybody here is a winner because this life itself, this body and this mind, is the result of that biggest race that each one of us has won to create ourselves since our very beginning. Let’s respect this winner inside and help ourselves to create a beauty out of it. Lets us create an environment that is beautiful not just for us, but for the entire beings here, the plants, the animals, the birds, the air, the water and the mother earth. I call this earth my mother because I know once I was in the womb of my mother who gave me birth and now I see, I am passed into the bigger womb of the bigger mother which is the earth itself. And now I guess it’s time for us all to ask this question, “If the womb gets unhealthy, what about the babies inside her?” In hospitals, they make a diagnosis called “Missed Abortion” where the babies die because of the unhealthy womb conditions. It’s really a pain to face this kind of situation. So all of you winners, come out of your wombs, find the winner inside and get connected with intelligence within that's guiding you and everything you love to a big healthy and happy family. And let us travel with this mother earth in this vast universe floating in this infinite space……............ living, loving and flourishing forever…



In her highest depressions,

Amidst the biggest frustrations,

She watches her world scrambling down,

Nothing to seek outside,

She closes her eyes,

dives within and sees the light.

She stands, looks up in the sky,

Inspired from within

she smiles and she flies..

As she knows now, nothing could break her down…

Yeah... her song

I clearly hear,

"There's nothing to fear, because,

The winner is here, the winner is here"




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    • DrGaneshPaudel profile image

      Smiling Mirror 4 years ago from Lanzhou, China

      Thank you li... Be happy.

    • profile image

      li 4 years ago