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Winter Blest.

Updated on November 26, 2009


Winter blest.©-MFB III  

Opeeongo dances under bright Yule moon,
moccassins crunch the frosted crust below
his fresh kill steaming in the blood red snow.

Huge elk soon transformed into thick, warm coats,
its antlers will bring many sharpened tools,
much meat for sallow faced children grown thin.

By Yule moon's glow one black shadow arose
from pastures wide and grass feast, belly full,
to stand full length, stretching muscles sinewed
in the late December slash of frozen rain.

Numb fingers notched the arrow that was sure,
it plunged into the heart, and stilled the beast
now sated by the bloodlust, feet grow calm
and set about the task of bringing home,
the pounds of sustenance that will delight,
the tribe and all the hungry mouths tonight.

Then later by the yule moon he will lie,
all snuggled with his love upon the skin
of last years bear as they both bare begin,
a slower, far more joyous dance of life.


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