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Winter Circus

Updated on February 27, 2010


Winter Circus




mounded high,  
that multi-colored
kids drape over.

A fat man’s top hat

draws admirers,
coal eyes glinting ice like,
a legless freak show.
dressed only in scarves.l

The winter circus
is full of frosted delights
as tongues catch

tiny bits of sugar
and frolick in

white saw dust.





In Case Of Emerging Freeze...Break Glass!

Oh, to be able
to suspend just
an hour of summer,
in a glass ball with
a tiny ballpeen hammer
hung alongside it
with all of its
shimmering warmth,
and its splendid beauty
captured for some
far off February deep freeze,
when the glass is shattered
and my ice caked yard
becomes July.






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    • Run Down Battery profile image

      Run Down Battery 7 years ago from UK

      The second one says it all, so simply and yet so exquisitely put... absolutely charming!

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Great thoughts as always. I'm really with you on that suspended hour of summer!