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Winter [Snow]

Updated on January 1, 2011

One Winter mornin',

I wake up.

The rain is pouring so hard,

the sleet is rough.

When I turn to see,

the clock has lied to me,

I took a glance outside holdin' nothing but my cup of tea.

I had to write some stuff and say I've had enough,

NO remembrance or memories in my head are stuck.

Not lifeless just wronged,

Like the day I realized I was lead all along.

There's no trip,

I'm a new dude.

All the Wackness is gone,

Thank God I'm new new (ahah)

Head held high rockin' out to my music.

As if I'm going to die; I'm nothing useless.

Just stronger for longer.

I'm done,

one one is here.

I'll have fun and live like there is nothing more to fear.

Let down the stream of this ocean,

Where all of my pain has exploded.

And now,
I walk peacefully to my home.

Remembering that this was nothing

but a nightmare.

Please "Erase me."

J. Cole (Inspiration)

Kid Cudi (Inspiration)


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