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Winters Winds

Updated on August 31, 2013

Soft white wings standing up in the air
knowing she's ready to take off
into the aquamarine sky
where only the purest of
archangels fly.

Every white feather falling
lightly as a feather
her heart shall always be
shedding all the dead weight
of the deep blue sea.

Gentle are her pale pink lips
whispering only kind words
softly spoken with compassion
communicating only love
understanding we are all in
need of a compassionate friend.

Winters winds never have to brutal
but softly embracing the heart
with a fluttering angels healing kiss
warming up the soul
soothing all the wounds
mending all the wholes
sealing them tightly.

Every Archangel near
whispering tenderly the secrets of life
silently in the winter breeze
feeling the snow flakes fall
softly on every green pine branch
you can hear how the coldness
freezes the rain drops of many

All rights reserved Hattiemattiemae Spiritweaver August 31, 2013


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