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Wishful Improvise

Updated on December 16, 2017

Wish not to improvise, the improvise I wish to make

If i could write a song

And never get a beat wrong

Id make one which is forever long

And do so with every best to prolong

But i couldn't get an A in music class

Had not an idea of how to even pass

I sit back confused and stare at the stars

Where to start from and how long it's notes and chords 'll last

If i could represent images onto a canvas so clear

A painter spawning images out of the influence of fresh air

Paint images that replicates my being such we the best pair

Picture the moments and apply better repairs

Id paint comedy and love integrated to heal you when despair

Back you up when the flesh betrays your mind as you grow impair

And outspokenly word the world out of its hidden lair

To escape the inevitable oblivion bound to occur

Sailing the seas or surfing the tide

Navigating a vessel or riding the waves to past time

Getting struck with reality just when the fantasies fills the mind

Shutting our hearts and conscience to the crimes

Hesitation to talk against immoralities of all kinds

The abominables turning the world and the people blind

Where are we headed as a race and specie but who is to ask why

Im a writer so much into poetry

Scribbling abstract effects daily

Mindful subjects though mainly

Kepping it real and not crazy

And not to force fit into this fine and great art

Copying to paste straight from the heart

Empty pages i dislike to see still blank

So much pieces i think i need a bank

Avoiding occasional preachers to not fall back

Never to stop until its done whatever i start

©KKP (Kwame Krakye Poku)


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