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Witch and Wizard: The Fire Review

Updated on April 18, 2016


Wisteria Allgood- The readers favorite witch who is learning quickly to put on a show for the people of the New Order to figure out The One's next plan. After winning over the plague that consumed many lives, Wisty is back to fight harder than ever before.

Whitford Allgood- As the caring brother, Whir protects Wisty against the New Order as she heals from the plague and helps them break into a camp for New Order Youth that trains children to kill anyone with no secondary thoughts. With his thoughts filled to the brim of Celia, Whit steadily begins to lose himself in the idea of somehow getting her back.

Byron Swain- Now with his back to the New Order, Byron has information on the New Order that is useful to the Resistance yet still has doubts that he made the right decision to turn away from the flawed idea of safety.

Janine- Janine nursed the plague ridden in the beginning. Still a Resistance member, she tried to help where she could while falling for Whit more along the way. Although having a crush on the famous wizard, in the back of her mind reminded her of Whit still being lost in his thoughts about Celia and his undying love for her.

Celia- Knowing her time is ticking away quickly, Celia tries to aid the Allgood's with what little energy she has left. Trying to keep her dwindling time unnoticeable to Whit, Celia attempts to show as much of her love as she can before passing over.

Plot Summary

James Patterson's third novel in the Witch and Wizard series focuses on the final moment between the Allgoods and The One Who Is The One. With Wisty suffering from the plague and Whit on his last heartstrings, the siblings are uneasy with the feeling of giving up. Until The One realized that Wisty's gift is the power he needs to fully control the Overrealm and Shadowland.

With the plague still hovering above many, a new villain in the picture, and the sorrow remaining from their parents' supposed execution, the Allgood siblings are fueling their fire and ready to strike hard against the New Order.

Needing more information of what exactly goes on in the New society, Whit and Wisty disguise themselves as New Order Youth and infiltrate a Youth camp facility that turns children into sociopathic killers. The new face the famous witch and wizard encounter is Pearce. He tries to have the upper hand over Wisty all the while being interested in being with her.



This third book in the series livens up the bitter taste of sorrow and wipes the slate clean. The Fire has a renewed sense of encouragement and opportunity while still containing the gut-wrenching tension. This novel felt like the final climax that the readers waited for but Patterson surprised us all. With the new face of evil on the mountain, The One Who Is The One is just the beginning to the next major journey ahead of the characters.

Patterson did not hide behind the cliché of 'the main characters must never be literally on the brink of death'; instead, he pushed that cliché out of the water and nearly sacrificed Wisty on her death bed with the plague that killed many. Even though, as a reader, I was thankful that Wisty did not die, James did a wonderful job created that heavy atmosphere that looms over the reader and makes them think 'Is this really happening....?'


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