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Witch and Wizard The Gift Review

Updated on March 7, 2016


Wisteria (Wisty) Allgood- The new Resistance leader, taking over Margo's place. Wisty's power continues to grow as the goal to defeating The One. Wisty became the new Resistance leader after Margo had taken Wisty's place in her execution to preserve the prophecy of the Allgood legend.

Whitford (Whit) Allgood- Working along side Wisty in her new found leadership of the Resistance, Whit becomes enhanced senses for his sister. He is still haunted greatly by Celia's death and is crippled by her temporary presence at times.

Celia- Whit's deceased girlfriend who was murdered by The One Who Is The One. Trapped in the Shadowland, Celia tries to the best of her ability to aid Whit and Wisty in their adventure to track the New Order's plans and defeat The One.

Byron Swain- A snooty teenager who begins to show an interest in Wisty. He begins to liven up at Stockwood and see the world in a new light.

Janine- A Resistance member who aids the Allgood siblings throughout 'The Gift' and forms a crush over the famous wizard, Whit.


Disclaimer: Spoilers

In this second installment in the 'Witch and Wizard' series, James Patterson picks up the story, following Whit and Wisty running from the execution site. After losing a fellow Resistance member and leader, Margo, Wisty takes the strange opportunity given to her: a map from a stranger. Now, as the new leader of the Resistance, Wisty must keep up with her promise to vanquish The One Who Is The One in honor of every child and teen who has suffered and been kidnapped, brainwashed, or murdered, including Margo. With a warrant for their heads, Whit is on the end of his rope protecting Wisty from undercover New Order authorities.

James Patterson delves the reader deeper into this paralyzing thriller and sends chills up spines. The story continues to thicken as the siblings get closer to their main goal, all the while uncovering new information that aids them. The war between kids and adults rages higher as the seed of betrayal begins to sprout and Wisty burns with rage from it all. 'The Gift' uncovers the potential of Wisty's character gives life and fresh air to the others as well. The reader can feel emotions radiating off the pages as they flip the pages endlessly. When frantically venturing through the Shadowland, Whit describes how lovely Celia is but the reality hits each time that she is not alive. As the readers, we feel this stab of heartbreak and grief each passage we encounter involving this topic. These are the moments that are so beautifully crafted by Patterson throughout the series.

As teenagers, Patterson details a sense of relatable topics in an extreme atmosphere. Even in this dystopia of restraint and dullness, common problems to a teenager give a cool down point throughout parts of this sequel. Wisty faces boy drama that escalates to New Order drama in a few chapters. Whit still fights his endless love for Celia while trying to move on as he notices Janine's crush over time, which increases to troubling since they can still communicate with Celia in her time as a Half-Light.


Shadowland makes its first mention during the first novel of the 'Witch and Wizard' series but becomes much more prominent during 'The Gift'. This land is basically the land of the deceased yet when the living discover this twisted abyss, they run the risk of becoming a Lost One. The only living people who can cross into Shadowland are called Curves. Celia, having being murdered by The One, walks this land as a result of not being able to move on. When The One came into power, he was able to block the bridge to the light for all deceased. With the Overworld at his control and command, The One has made it a point to gain control over Shadowland as well.


Lost Ones

Lost Ones are souls trapped in the black mist walls of Shadowland. Roaming the endless boundaries led these once humane individuals to be driven mad by the darkness and constantly looking for the light. Coming in contact with Lost Ones would bring certain death as they 'think' the passing Curves are the way to the light or know how to get back and attacking is the only way they know to get information out. Some are smarter than others but their main mission is just to fill the never-ending hunger they desire.


Curves are people with the ability to cross between realms; the Overworld, Shadowland, and Freeland. Most of the notable Resistance characters are Curves and have been navigating the morphing portals since the beginning. Animals can also be Curves, like Feffer, the Resistance mascot and Wisty's dog from the Overworld prison.


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