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Witch and Wizard Review

Updated on March 2, 2016


To a teenager's mind, their world is occupied with school work, detention, and hanging out with friends. But to these two young teens, their perspective on life is forever altered. In a world where creativity and self expression is banned, the New Order reigns. This novel was the gateway to an action packed fantasy adventure that continued with four more novels and featuring two manga volumes.


Wisteria (Wisty) Allgood- A hot-headed teenage girl filled to the brim with passion and anger. Wisty is a classic class-skipping rebel who's life is music. In the beginning of this journey, Wisty realizes just how easy her life actually was when the New Order barged in. A Resistance leader who hated The One Who Is The One most, especially when beloved ones lives are in jeopardy. Wisty tends to flaunt and excessively use her magic more freely, making her a complex yet cherishing character among readers.


Whitford (Whit) Allgood- Wisty's older brother who was a typical football captain: was dating the prettiest girl in school and had the best grades. Being the more physical of the two, Whit uses his magic sparingly compared to his younger sister. He has a wider spectrum of emotions that often affect his decisions, making their new life harder to adjust to.

Bryon Swain- A clean and pristine model "student" of the New Order. Son of a member in The Council, Bryon prides himself with being acquainted with The One Who Is The One. Wisty claims him to be an eye sore, constantly threatening to morph Bryon into a weasel. (Which she holds her promises because she's a "scary witch"). Eventually, Bryon realizes just how depressing this new society actually is and switches to the side of the Resistance.

The One Who Is The One- The main antagonist, the power crazed man who has created the journey for Whit and Wisty and the jealousy consumed individual who is after the one thing he does not have: the burning passion of power Wisty wields. The leader of the New Order, he takes this title extremely seriously, and is also known as 'His Oneness'. His brilliance won every election he ran in, including the New Order that actually replaced the United States government and became the world's first One Government or big government.

The Resistance

A group that was established when the New Order first began; a group of children varying in age from ten to eighteen. The Resistance's goal was to dismantle, disrupt, and ultimately rid the world of the New Order and The One Who Is The One. As to avoid any one person from being corrupted with power, the leader of this group changes every week. The known characters in the novel that are part of this group are Whit, Wisty, Janine, Sasha, Margo, Emmet, and Feffer (Wisty's dog that was found in the Overrealm).

Disclaimer: Spoliers

The first novel in the Witch and Wizard series was a startling and emotional beginning for these two siblings. Marked as the "witch" and "wizard" prophesized in stone, Wisty and Whit Allgood are stolen from the comforts of home and must learn how to survive in the bleak New World.

James Patterson's Witch and Wizard was an eye-opening centerpiece among the fantasy genre. It had a feeling of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 but expanding the idea greatly beyond books and emphasizing on how power truly affects an individual. The One Who Is The One was an exciting, awakening take on what would classified as a "super-villain". The battles between the Allgoods and The One were just as equally exciting. This novel had readers turning their minds and flipping pages continuously, wanting to know more.

Along with external conflict, the internal conflict between Wisty and Whit connected with the emotions of the reader. Their anger was our anger, their pain was our pain, and their pride was our pride! When Wisty went through times of stress, worry, and was ready to give up, we experienced her emotions. When Whit found his girlfriend in a strange realm, we shared the sadness and bewilderment. Witch and Wizard was a story that was filled with traumatic events yet was enlightening at the same time.

This first novel lead to another four books; becoming a roller coaster that keeps readers strapped in.


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