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Witchery of Love

Updated on January 18, 2015

Witchery of Love

Allow that desire to burn gracefully

Burst just once in a lifetime history

Heat up your spirit and soul, not to ash

To take this, a compassionate way to start

Bring me therefore a pinch of hope and longing

Dig from the deepest atrium of your heart

Mix it with bundles of gratitude so tight,

Season it with dust of your mercy

Add a cup of feeling, of fearing nothing

Lightened up the spirit of your youthfulness,

Suit it up with fervent passionate touch

Pour forth that special bunch of sweetened delight

Don’t forget to add as well,

This tiny humbled soul of yours

A delicate heart of a young man

Longing for peace and joy

Stir well, mix well

Take a moment and do not rush

Allow it to boil in your heart and mind

Calmly, patiently wait till done

Now can you smell the fumes that surrounds?

That fragrant scented LOVE!

Beating slowly, flowing lovely as you are

Towards, onward, forward the witchery of love


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