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With Love On Valentine's Day

Updated on February 14, 2015

It comes like a meteor

In starry hues,

Bringing for us the tradition

To pour out Love hidden,

In our hearts’ treasure trove.

A day dedicated to lovers

Was never celebrated before;

The charisma of unprecedented love,

That overflows our corporeal frame ephemeral.

Flowers, cards, rings and keys

Are exchanged to make

The day a memorable one

While Cupid smiles and steals the show.

In all these jubilation

Is hidden the story of

St. Valentine who miraculously cured

His Gaoler’s daughter.

After writing his last letter

Before execution

He signed it as ‘Your Valentine’.

A day of sacrifice it is

As well as a day of unconditional love

Is the fourteenth of February

That brings for us the fragrance of Roses.


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