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Within A Shadow

Updated on September 10, 2016
she sees everything.
she sees everything. | Source

The streets were busy with late night drinkers and sleazy women hanging out on the curbs. Even after midnight the lights shone bright as if it were happy hour still. I snickered to myself as i watched a few drunks trip on there own feet. I hated the night shift, but someone has to do it and everyone else had made their rounds for the week so it was my turn. I'm a private investigator at my fathers old place, its not the nicest job in the world but it pays the bills. The only other people I work with include my two sisters and my best friend who is basically part of the family now, especially since my father died. The business has been rather slow lately most of the cops take what clients we do have. My father and the chief of the NYC police force were friendly rivals for years always trying to get more disappearances solved than the other. Now that my father is dead and the chief of police retired the new chief of police wants me out of business. My understanding of how people work and my methods of getting information most likely aggravate him, among other things.

Now that my father is gone my mother has not much to do with her life so she flew to Florida to get away from the big city and to get her mind off everything. A few guys walking by me winked and smiled "hey beautiful, hows it going?" one of them stopped to converse. I pushed my dark hair away from my face and dismissed him "no thanks" and kept walking. I could hear him mutter under his breath "bitch" , rolling my eyes 'I have no time to deal with delinquents like him' i thought as i walked away. I've always been too busy for relationships plus my job makes it hard to be around for the other person and not too many people are a fan of my talents. My mother always said i take my job too seriously, she's probably right but I'd rather my job over dealing with idiots. As I walked by the police station i heard one of the officers yell out " hey Evangeline how those clients doing? Did your daddy leave you anything to help pay for your office seeing you don't?"

Hearing him speak Ill about my father pissed me off "You must be new on the force and happened to overhear the little tidbits of my past from another officer. I wonder did they warn you to stay away from me? Want to find out why?" I flashed him my cold black eyes and unleashed my darkness onto him. slowly his own shadow crept up his legs making him unable to move "what the hell is wrong with my legs?" he gritted his teeth and shouted as he felt his legs shoot up with pain then go completely numb. Soon another officer, one that I knew personally, came out " Eva!" he yelled sharply snapping me out of my shadows. seeing him shake his head in warning made me pull back my power. Quickly the officer i trapped ran inside pale as a ghost, "Sorry Sean, its getting harder to control. You guys really need to warn your rookies better than just to stay away from me, give them the reason why." Sean simply stared me with raised eyebrows. I replied with an annoyed "Yeah yeah i know." i waved him a backwards goodbye as i headed back to the office/apartment seeing it was close to four in the morning and i needed some sleep.

As i came upon my street I heard my sister shout excitedly from the window " hey Eva, we have a case! Get up here!" I rolled my eyes and shouted back "I've been up all night and I'm exhausted, can't you or Sophie take it this time?". My younger twin sisters Anna and Sophie have been working with my father for the past 7 years, they know the ins and outs of the trade well. I got inside and Anna was waiting at the top of the stairs, she shared the similar appearance with me more than Sophie, long black hair angular jaw and a small birth mark on her left cheekbone. Her face was flush red with excitement "I have a feeling you won't want us to have this case, Sean sent it to us behind chief Beckham's back. Check it out" Anna handed me the file with a missing persons report of a young boy named Conner Matthews 10 years old missing for 7 days with no ransom letters. "Is that it just a missing kid I think you guys can handle this one just fine" I handed Anna back the file and walked down the hall to my bedroom.

On the way I bumped into Sophie "hey Evangeline did Anna....." I cut her off simply by putting my hand up to her mouth "Sophia I am tired you two can handle a missing little boy without me. I may be powerful But I'm not invincible." without letting her respond I went straight to my bedroom. Closing the door behind me i took off my shoes, pants, shirt and collapsed on my bed. Taking in a deep breath i tried to relax, but I could hear my sisters talking outside the door " how are we supposed to do this case without her, the mother specifically requested Evangeline to be on this case." Sophia whispered loudly to Anna. Anna sighed and agreed that it would be difficult to tell the boys mother that Evangeline wasn't available to take her case " I mean what option do we have other than wait till noon and go meet with Mrs Matthews at the hard rock cafe, maybe we can find him. Evangeline did teach us well."

Soon I heard nothing and i could fall asleep knowing my sisters could handle simply finding a little boy. My night came with tossing and turning in the shadows of my room I know I should be helping my sisters, but Ive been getting burnt out from this business a bit especially since we don't get much. I'm always the one to lead the case, so I'm hoping for once I can trust this one to my sisters. Maybe I should go to the hard rock cafe in the shadows to make sure they don't need my help. I woke with a jerk at the sound of my alarm at 11 am in the morning, i was still so tired i could feel the bags under my eyes. Slowly i slid my feet off the bed and stood up throwing on my shirt and pants from the laundry basket.

The office was quiet 'my sister must have left early for their meeting' I thought as i made a pot of coffee. after the coffee finished I heard Sahara come up behind me " good morning 'sis' sleep in a bit late today?" Sahara and I have been friends since high school she was the first to learn about my 'gifts'


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